Your Security and Finances are Just Some of the Problems Caused by a Broken Window

Broken windows are a problem nobody wants to deal with but that can cause a number of issues. A broken window doesn’t only create energy loss in your home but is also causes a security hazard. So, if you discover a cracked or broken window on your property, you need to have it replaced immediately. Otherwise, the cracks can worsen, and the damage can become more extensive.

How Do Windows Break?

Cracked pane of glass

Glass expands and contracts with changes in temperature, so all modern windowpanes are made to withstand certain changes. However, there are still a number of things that cause windows to break:

• Bad weather can cause damage to windows
• Small cracks can develop into serious problems
• Thermal stress caused from uneven temperatures
• Someone smashed it intentionally
• Damage caused by poorly installed window frames

The different ways windows crack and break can be broken down into categories: stress cracks, impact breaks, and pressure cracks.

Stress Cracks and What Causes Them

Stress cracks in windows often start small, right near the edge of the window, and over time continue spreading across the glass. Extreme fluctuations in temperature can cause stress cracks to develop, often causing them to worsen over time. Stress cracks in windows can also form when you continually slam windows shut, so take care to carefully close your windows at all times.

What Causes Impact Breaks?

An impact break in your window is just what it sounds like, a break caused by a sudden impact. This could be anything from flying debris, gravel, a ballgame gone wrong, or perhaps a purposeful break during a robbery.

Impact breaks are easily identifiable by the way they create a starburst pattern. From the point of impact, broken windows crack and radiate outwards from the centre point. If you discover an impact break on a window in your home, clean up any glass on the floor but do not attempt to remove the broken glass from the pane yourself. Please leave the broken window pane to the professionals. They know how to handle broken, cracked, and shattered glass safely and without causing any risks to themselves or others.

What Causes Pressure Cracks in Windows?

Pressure cracks are one of the most uncommon breaks in window glass and they seem to come out of nowhere. However, pressure cracks are caused by dramatic changes in the weather. So, despite the bad weather we are often subject to in the UK, pressure cracks are rather uncommon. However, should you have a pressure crack appear on your window, you’ll be able to decipher it by the way it curves. Pressure cracks often result in full window replacement.

Broken Windows Cost You Money

Cracked or broken windows aren’t just an eyesore, if they have been badly damaged and there are open sections, they’re losing you money. Gaps, cracks, or breaks in your window glass will allow warm air and energy to leak out of your home. This in turn will cause you to turn the heating up to compensate, raising your energy bill. Broken windows can be a very costly problem, for both your home and your finances, causing a number of serious problems.

Condensation on Windowpanes

Condensation occurs when the temperature inside your home is warmer than the temperature outside. It can be very damaging to your home, causing frames to rot, damage to your health, and moulding in your home. Although there are many ways you can reduce condensation in your home, if your windows are broken the best thing you can do is get them professionally replaced.

Broken Windows are a Security Risk

Cracked or broken windowpanes are extremely inviting to thieves. So, if you have a broken window be aware that your home will be more vulnerable to thieves the longer your windows remain broken. To do your bit in reducing crime, you need to get your broken windows fixed. If a solution cannot be provided straight away, you should board up the window to provide appropriate crime prevention. This should help prevent petty crimes and general disorder and crime while you book a replacement.

Damaged Glass Panes Cause Energy Loss

Cracks or breaks in your windows can cause a lot of cold air to rush into your property, making it very draughty. Having a draught can be a very expensive problem, causing significant amounts of heat loss. This can make your bills very expensive. So, if you want to keep your energy bills down and maintain a comfortable home temperature, you should get your broken windows fixed as soon as possible.

Cracked Glass Causes Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is a very real problem, just ask anyone who lives by a busy road or on a bustling city street. When the glass panes in your windows break, you’re more likely to notice noise pollution seeping into your home. High levels of noise in your home can be very disruptive to your life and are another negative problem caused by broken windows.

How to Fix Your Broken or Cracked Window

If you have a broken or cracked window in your home, it is important you know what to do next. While replacing the glass panes can be a good fix in some situations, unfortunately it is only a temporary fix. To ensure broken glass problems are completely resolved and won’t happen again, we would suggest you have the windows professionally replaced.

The Risks and Dangers of Broken Glass

There are many risks to broken glass and they are a dangerous hazard, both domestically and commercially. Whether your windowpanes have cracked or shattered completely, glass shards and splinters can cause serious harm. So, if you have a broken window, be aware of the dangers of broken glass and proceed with caution by doing things in the following ways:

Cover the cracked or broken windowpane with newspaper on both sides. This will make it exceedingly clear that there is a problem with the window.
Do not open and close the window as this can make the problem worse.
Apply masking or double-sided tape to prevent the broken glass from falling to the floor.

Why Broken Window Replacement is Better than Glass Repair

You may be wondering why we are suggesting window replacement rather than repair, if you have cracked or broken windowpanes. That’s because replacing your windows is so beneficial:

• Cost-efficient
• Saves you money in the long-term
• Raises the value of your home
• Increases security
• Keeps your home comfortable all year round
• Reduces the need for regular maintenance
• Enhances property aesthetics
• Provides you with durable, strong glass

Invest in Windows for the Long-Term

If you want windows that will stand the test of time, invest in our quality window installations. Replacing your broken or cracked windows with our quality range significantly reduces the need for maintenance and time-consuming, costly repairs. Every sash window we sell is fully energy-efficient, secure, and durable. Give your home the wow-factor it needs with a complete window replacement and invest in the long-term for your home.

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