Sustainability And Our Environment

Sustainable timber is a big topic right now and so it should be, we all want the forests of the world to be there for future generations to enjoy!

The basics behind sustainably harvesting trees is pretty simple. Every time a tree is cut down and harvested for its timber, a new tree is planted. The way this is achieved is through whole areas of forests being felled in rotation; as one area is cleared, it is re-planted and then several years later, a new area is felled within the same forest. At Sash Windows London our timber products achieve the highest certification.

Climate Change And Eco Glazing

As we are all very aware our planet is threatened by severe climate change. The Earths global temperature is warming, meaning that weather patterns and ecosystems are changing more quickly than people can adapt. But it is fixable! We have the knowledge and technology to help reduce the impact on our climate but we all just need to help make this happen.

If all of the 25.6 million homes in the UK replaced their windows with energy-rated ones, we could reduce carbon emissions by up to 12.8 million tonnes a year. According to the Energy Savings Trust, an average household installing Energy Saving Recommended windows can typically cut carbon dioxide emissions by approximately three quarters of a tonne per year. This is a significant saving, as around 23% of the heat lost from an average home occurs through the windows.

Double glazing is now more necessary than ever as our homes create a huge amount of CO2 output. At Sash Windows London, we provide high-performance A-rated products that deliver solutions for sustainable living. We work to reduce energy consumption and limit our impact on the environment. To add to this, at the end of the life cycle of the frame, the timber, glass, aluminium and fittings are fully recyclable. Any PVCu products removed from our customer’s property are recycled through ECOPLAS.

Why You Should Look For The FSC logo

At Sash Windows London we are proud to be Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified. FSC certification ensures that our timber products come from responsibly managed forests that provide sustainable environmental, social and economic benefits. FSC prohibits illegal logging, forest degradation, and deforestation in certified areas. By choosing an FSC certified company you will be helping to protect forest ecosystems and reduce the impact of climate change.

Our glass supplier Saint-Gobain Glass, have now launched PLANITHERM® TOTAL+. Windows glazed with EcoClear which improves the energy efficiency of homes and allows a homeowner to save money on their heating bills through the benefit of free solar heat gain. EcoClear® is a range of double glazed unit products designed by Solaglas to facilitate Energy Saving Recommended windows, they are the most energy efficient low-E glass available on the market today.

Saint-Gobain Glass UK has won The Sunday Times national award for training and motivation of staff on green issues. They have also been named as one of the UK’s greenest companies in The Sunday Times Green List.