Avoid These Common Mistakes When Replacing Your Windows

Here at Sash Windows London Ltd, we know the stress that can be involved in replacing your windows. However, there are numerous signs that indicate the time has come. If you are unsure of what these signs are, check out my article on 8 Signs You Need to Replace Your Sash Windows.

Damaged or draughty windows can do more damage to your home than good and can hurt your home as well as your wallet. If your windows are showing signs they need to be replaced, it’s time to fix the problem and organise a replacement. But before you do that, keep reading this article to discover the common mistakes people make when replacing their windows so that you don’t make them either!

Making Cost the Priority

Making cost a priority is a common mistake people make when choosing to replace their windows. The cost of window replacement services may vary depending on the material, the style and the age of the windows. While opting for the cheap option can be a draw for many of us, it can mean you end up with sub-standard windows that are inferior quality and performance, offering inappropriate security and weather-proofing. The best option to ensure you get top-quality windows for the best price is to call Sash Windows London Ltd today to get a quote. We are a highly-sought after and well-experienced provider of windows and window replacement services.

Not Performing Sufficient Research

When looking for replacement windows, it is essential you do your research and equip yourself with the knowledge to pick the right window style and material for you and your property. However, if you do not have time in your busy schedule for all that research, our knowledgeable and professional staff here at Sash Windows London Ltd are always available to answer any questions you may have and to assist you in making an informed decision.

Careless Selection of Contractors

The do-it-yourself mentality is never helpful when it comes to window replacement services and it often can cause more damage than good – particularly if you don’t know what you’re doing. When replacing your windows, you want a company and a workforce you can trust and who will complete the job efficiently to an exceptional standard. That’s why, here at Sash Windows London Ltd, we always encourage our customers to do their research and hire a reputable company that is reliable, trustworthy and highly responsive.

Tackling DIY

One of the biggest mistakes people make when replacing their windows is by attacking the project on their own. There are numerous home improvements that can easily be completed by people wishing to save money. But replacing your windows is not one of the projects you should tackle on your own. If you fail to complete the job correctly, it could cause more difficulties, costing you a lot in damages. Instead, we would strongly recommend you rely on professional window installers who are highly trained, skilled and experienced so they can get the job done properly.

Ignoring Maintenance

A common mistake people often make when replacing their windows is ignoring the maintenance costs, such as painting, routine repairs and cleaning. These maintenance costs will need to be carried out throughout the year to ensure the proper maintenance of your windows and help avoid any future problems. Failing to take maintenance costs into consideration can result in an installation that is unnecessarily expensive to maintain.

Failing to Consider Glazing Options

When choosing their new windows, many people forget to think about the different glazing options now available on today’s market. Over recent years, there have been great advances in window technology – especially in the materials used in glazing. The type of glazing you select for your window replacement could greatly determine the energy efficiency, cost-efficiency and durability of your windows. If you ignore glazing options, you may be missing out on installing the best windows for your property. If you need more information on your glazing options, Sash Windows London Ltd are here to help!

Failing to Consider Security

The security of your windows is essential and many people fail to consider it when replacing their windows and installing newer models. Secure windows provide a physical barrier between the outside of your home and the inside, limiting access to your home and increasing security. Here at Sash Windows London Ltd, we offer a myriad of security options for your windows that will keep you, your family and your property safe from intruders.

Final Words

Replacing your windows is a major upgrade to your home and rushing the decision can cause mistakes to be made and some decisions to be overlooked entirely. Here at Sash Windows London Ltd, we are here to answer any questions you may have and inform you of the best way to replace your windows. If you would like further information, call us today, one of our team members will be on-hand to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have.