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Sliding Doors

We have worked for over 20 years to provide our customers with a wide range of external sliding doors to suit their needs. All of these products are designed to give comfort, warmth and security, all while maximising the amount of natural light brought into the interior and offering the most unobstructed view of a homeowner’s garden.

They do this simply by offering a seamless transition between internal and external spaces, no matter whether the door is open or shut. The panels will slide together when the door is available to create a space-saving entry and exit method. This ensures the door will not encroach onto your garden or patio, meaning that you, your friends, family, and other guests can travel freely between your interior and exterior spaces. It also expands the area you can use to relax during the summer when the door can be left open, and your living room, dining room, or kitchen can meet seamlessly with your outdoor areas.

When sliding doors are shut, the expanses of glass panels will provide an almost uninterrupted view of any outside space, only taking into account minimal obstructions from the framework. At the same time, it will also allow for as much natural light as possible to be brought into the room. This offers an interior benefit of “opening up” the space you have available, brightening the room and making it appear larger. A room with sliding doors out to the conservatory, garden, or patio will even often feel more welcoming to guests because of this.

Our Services for Sliding Doors

Whether you have come to us to replace a set of broken glass patio doors with an exact replica of the uPVC design you had before, or you wish to remodel your home and would like a new set of aluminium sliding doors to stay on-trend, we can help. Our team will have the skill, technology, and experience needed to fit the doors you want, exactly as you have specified.

To learn more about what we can provide in the way of doors for your property, or hear about prices before we begin, please contact us today. We are always happy to offer more information, advice, or support where needed. This includes helping our customers to decide what they would like when placing an order.

Alternatively, if you would like to find reviews and consider your options from what our customers have said in the past, our testimonials page will have everything you need.

Aluminium Sliding Doors

This door material type has grown in popularity in the modern era, both for its smart, ultra-modern aesthetic appeal and for its combination of durability and a light weight. The former of these create the fashionable look that the owner wants to demonstrate in their interior space, while the latter two points mean the doors are easy to install but nonetheless secure against the elements and potential intruders.

Aluminium sliding doors are also fitted with reliable locking systems to ensure peace of mind and the protection of your home. All of our doors are also fully weather rated by British Standards and surpass British Building Regulations.

Sliding Door Features

All of our sliding doors, in aluminium, can include these standard features as part of their manufacture:

To learn more about these, or to hear more from a member of staff about the features offered in our ranges of aluminium and PVCU sliding patio doors, we will be glad to offer more information or answer any questions you may have about one of our products before you decide to place an order.

Double or Triple Glazing for Sliding Patio Doors

Glass patio doors are mostly designed to let in natural light and offer the best view of your garden. However, they can also be made to retain heat, offer improved soundproofing, and provide even greater security for your home than simply being fitted with locks. This is easily achieved by fitting modern sliding doors that come with double or triple-glazed panels.

Our sliding doors can all be ordered with double or triple-glazed glass that will help to keep your home warm, quiet, and as safe as it can be‒ all for your comfort and peace of mind. Speak to us about your options for this today and find the perfect fit for your home’s new external door, in any design that you feel will suit your home perfectly.

The Main Benefits

The most important benefit that you should note from having double glazed or triple-glazed glass fitted in your sliding doors is the energy efficiency it will provide. 

Approximately 25% of the heat generated by a property will be lost through its windows and doors. By ensuring that your external doors are trapping as much heat as possible, you will be ensuring that your purchase remains as cost-effective as possible for your home and household budget.

Our team of specialists will be fully prepared to install double-glazed or triple-glazed sliding glass doors in the material and style that you prefer. As such, you will never have to choose between the eco-friendly advantages and the design you know will complete your home.

For Stylish and Secure Sliding Glass Doors

Whether you are in need of sleek, modern aluminium patio doors to match the aesthetics of an ultra-modern new build home, or even if you are looking for bright white uPVC sliding doors to bounce the light around and open up a room as the sunlight shines in through the glass, Sash Windows London Ltd. will have the solution.

Our friendly team will be glad to speak with you about your needs and requirements as soon as you call or send us an email, and we will always discuss prices with you before you commit to placing an order. Contact us and transform the space between your home and your garden,  patio, or conservatory with a fine set of secure, stylish, and eco-friendly sliding doors today.