How to Protect Your Windows Against Stormy Weather

As we all know, English weather can be unpredictable. One day there are blue skies and the sun is shining and that same day, black clouds travel over the sea and suddenly all you can see is greyness and rain. In these unpredictable times of climate change and global warming, it is best to stay prepared.

Many storms in England have caused sever coastal damage and widespread flooding, damaging hundreds and thousands of homes all around the country. Often we assume that English weather is just a few drizzly days and plenty of grey skies. But England have seen their fair share of storms roll in off the ocean. So, here at Sash Windows we would like to equip you with the knowledge of how to protect your windows against stormy weather. Better safe than sorry, thatโ€™s what we always say!

Garden Party


We have all experienced a stormy night when, glancing out the window, we have spotted the trampoline and various other items of garden furniture dancing, haphazardly, across the lawn. This may seem an odd point to place at the top of the list but flying debris is one of the most common reasons people suffer damage to their window panes.

We recommend that you avoid the inevitable by storing away your garden furniture in a garage or other safe space. If you donโ€™t have any available storage, why not weigh down garden furniture and trampolines with sandbags to help keep them grounded while the storm passes by.

Trim the Trees

Trees knocking on window panes has been a popular motif used in many thriller or suspense movies. And yet, it is an extremely common occurrence and one that can quickly escalate in stormy weather. Make sure your trees are well trimmed back and that any loose branches that could flail around in the wind are sawn off for your safety. There is nothing worse than a tree branch being launched through your lovely sash windows!

Storm Shutters

Window Shutters

If you live on the stunning coast of Britain, coastal shutters are a must. Many coastal areas are victims to winds of up to 90mph, if not more! And, without storm shutters, windows can easily blow in or be pelted with stones and debris.

Storm shutters are often perforated or made from a translucent material that allows natural light to enter so that you donโ€™t feel completely shut away from the rest of the world. We would suggest looking for strong and sturdy shutters that are made from aluminium as these are extremely reliable and will provide the ultimate safety and protection to your windows.

Keep it Sealed


When gale force winds are rattling around your home and the windows are shaking, it can sometimes feel a bit scary. Nature is powerful and we are wise to protect ourselves against it. During high winds, wind speed can fluctuate and place immense amounts of pressure on your windows. To avoid wind funnelling, where the wind enters through gaps in your home and is pushed upwards to lift the roof, ensure that everything is well sealed. This includes your windows. Make sure they are properly closed and locked. If your windows and doors are properly sealed shut, it is unlikely you will experience extensive damage, if any.


We hope you have found this article useful. Let us know how you protect your windows from stormy weather. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.