Keeping Warm with New Windows

Those avid readers of my blog will know that the latest post I wrote was advising people on how to insulate their windows for winter. Despite being helpful in offering do-it-yourself techniques, the article was full of short-term solutions. So, I decided to write this follow-up article for those looking for a cost-effective, long-term solution that will help them keep warm during the coldest months of winter.

So, here is how our team at Sash Windows London Ltd suggest you keep warm during the winter.

Windows Made for Winter


Winter time in England brings its fair share of difficulties, from those high heating bills and that freezing walk to your car every morning. Your home is significantly tested during the winter season, so it’s important you are ready to protect yourself against the cold. How are the current windows in your home holding up? During the winter, it’s more important than ever that your windows are keeping your home warm.

Did you know that having professionally fitted, energy-efficient and double-glazed windows could have a significant effect on your winter experience? Well, let us tell you why getting new windows before the onslaught of winter is extremely effective.

Double Glazed Sash Windows

Double Glazing

Here at Sash Windows London Ltd, we don’t do repairs – we do replacements! The benefits of replacing your windows with beautiful, energy efficient sash windows is priceless. Simply having new windows fitted into your property cam dramatically improve the energy efficiency of your home, helping you stay warm during those colder days.

If you need new windows for winter, call Sash Windows London Ltd today. We offer a wide range of double glazed windows. Our beautiful bespoke sliding sash windows give you all the aesthetics of a heritage style window and all the benefits of modern glazing. Our range of window styles can be fitted to timber or PVCu frames and can be made to fit any style of property to ensure they add to the look rather than subtract from it.

We offer a range of double glazed windows that are available in a variety of designs. Our window designs span across the Contemporary and Traditional Range, including Casement Windows, French styles, Sliding Sash Windows, Patio and Folding Sliding Doors.

About Our Double Glazing

Timber Sash Window London

Here at Sash Windows London Ltd, we build glazing units to the highest standards using sustainable and quality products. We have carried out extensive research into the best materials for energy efficient double glazed windows. The pane spacers we use to separate the glass panes are warm edge spacers which contain very little metal. We have found these to be the most energy efficient. They help maximise the amount of heat kept inside your property.

At Sash Windows London Ltd, all our double glazed windows are A rates – we wouldn’t give our customers anything less than the best. Our windows are at the pinnacle of energy efficiency and are among the best in the market. So, if you need your windows replaced, look no further than our double glazed sash windows!

Double Glazing Cost


The cost of double glazed windows depends on the materials used, the size and quantity required for your property. However, our team constantly strive to keep our prices to a minimum to help make our products as accessible as possible. So, give us a call today to discuss your requirements and we can find a product that suits both your home and your price range!

Are There Any Alternatives to Double Glazing?

Perhaps you are unable to install double glazing in your property (for example, if you have a listed building), in this case, secondary glazing is a viable option. Secondary glazing involves fitting a second layer of glass inside your existing windows to help improve the energy efficiency. Despite not being as effective as double glazing, it can help you save money on your energy and heating bills and it is much cheaper to fit.

New Windows and Home Value

Installing new windows in your property can help give it a new lease of life. If your windows are outdated or no longer effective at keeping your property warm, considering replacements is a positive investment. If you ever plan on selling your home, new windows are certainly something that will help raise the value of your property. With such a variety of styles on offer at Sash Windows London Ltd, we can find beautiful windows that will improve the aesthetics of your property.

Contact Sash Windows Today

If you would like new windows for your property to help keep your home warm, Sash Windows London Ltd offer full window replacements. With winter on its way, it is extremely important not to overlook the importance of proper insulation. Even the most beautiful window won’t perform efficiently if it is not correctly installed. Our team at Sash Windows London Ltd are all professional installers who will ensure the job is done effectively. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today!