What Are Sash Window Horns?

Sash horns stick out in a downward direction from the base of the upper sash in a window frame, window makers fix them to each side of the horizontal centre bar of the window. Sash window horns can have a wide variety of ornamental designs.

Sash horns are a traditional feature that makes a timber sash window look more authentic. Sash horns were originally put in place to reinforce the joints of the window and stop people opening the sashes too far. Modern designs mean they are now largely decorative

There are several types of sash window horns, and here we will explore them in more detail. As experts in the window trade, we are happy to share our knowledge. We also install windows, you can contact us for more information if you have an upcoming project.

Original Sash Window Horns

Original sash window horns are present on windows in period properties, these are usually important to the structure of the window and there is no possibility of removal.

In the homes where people traditionally install sash windows, horns will commonly feature ornate carpentry and finishing. These finishes provide rounder designs or a more square appearance depending on the window.

Clip-on Or Stick On Sash Window Horns

You can purchase clip-on sash window horns. These can fit UPVC or timber sash windows and will create a mock appearance of an original horn. There is a range of styles available to suit most architectural styles.

Some people do not like the idea of a mock sash window horn, as they feel it detracts from the authenticity of the look their window has.

Run-through Sash Window Horns

You can use run-through horns, which helps create styles that look very traditional. Run-through sash window horns are part of the structure of the window itself and will make for an authentic look even when viewing up close.

Sash Window Horns Explained

Sash window horns are finishes that protrude downwards from the top part of the sash. We hope you now know and understand the details of what a sash horn is, and the different types available.

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FAQs and Useful Information

The following are some frequently asked questions and useful information about sash windows and sash horns:

Is It Desirable to Have a Mock Sash Window Horn?

Clip-on or stick on sash window horns can provide an authentic-looking appearance from a distance. However, up close they will be visible. If authenticity is a consideration in your window installation then a clip-on or stick-on horn is not a wise design choice.

What Are the Parts of a Sash Window Called?

There are many parts of a sash window including the following:

  • Sashes, the frames that hold the glass.
  • Box frame, the window frame holding the sashes.
  • Cord, which goes through a pulley system to open and close the window.
  • Parting bead, a seal in the box frame that provides a path for the sashes.
  • Staff bead, which keeps the sashes in place.
  • Weight, to balance the sash and let it open.

What Period Are Sash Windows From?

Although there are versions of the sash window that may have been in use beforehand, the traditional sash window design is from the Georgian period. The Georgian era is generally classified as being from the year 1714 to 1830. It takes its name from kings George I, George II, George III and George IV. Sash windows also dominate the Regency era, which is a closely related period.

Are Sash Windows Safe?

Sash windows are generally safe, particularly when installing double-glazed designs. Sliding sash windows stay in their open position unless someone manually closes them, so people need to remember to do so. Safety is also higher when installing sash windows with locks. 

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