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Timber Sash Windows in Enfield

We are Sash Windows London Ltd, specialists in traditional timber and UPVC sash window installation. We strive to make every home the best it can be through the installation of our quality windows. We sell and install timber sash windows, UPVC windows, casement windows, box windows, and more in Enfield. Whatever you are looking for, we are committed to find the perfect fit for you.

Long-lasting – Heritage and Contemporary Styles – High Quality

We have been making our windows out of high-quality timber for many years. Timber has always been a popular building material because it provides a pleasing aesthetic while also complimenting any property style.

The double glazed sash windows we install are made from the highest quality timber. We source all of our timber from sustainably managed forests because we are passionate about sustainable practices, you can find out more about this here.

UPVC Sash Window Installation in Enfield

We are passionate about making sash windows available to everyone, and that’s why we install long-lasting UPVC windows. UPVC is the most affordable material we offer and is made to mimic the look and style of traditional timber windows as closely as possible. Whether you’re looking to update a domestic or commercial property and you want an affordable solution, our UPVC windows could be the perfect fit.

Double and Triple Glazed Sash Windows in Enfield

If you choose to purchase sash windows for your Enfield property from us, you can choose from double or triple glazing. The benefits of having efficient and quality glazing are numerous. For example, did you know that around 25% of the heat in your home is lost through the windows? Installing double or triple glazed windows can significantly reduce this statistic, keeping your home a comfortable temperature all year round.

Double glazing is also a great draught proofing solution and can stop warm air from leaking out of your window and cold air from seeping in. All the windows we install are double glazed, but if you want to make your home even more quiet and comfortable, you can opt for triple glazing. What’s more, our double glazing is even suitable if you live in a heritage building, listed building, or in a conservation area. Whatever your glazing requirements, we can fit windows to suit.

Sash Windows for Heritage Homes in Enfield

Do you live in a heritage home? We provide ideal sash window replacement for heritage properties in Enfield. We understand that heritage homes often have a lot of traditional detailing and many sash window companies do not take such details into consideration when providing replacements. This is not the case with us. We think that heritage properties deserve particular attention to detail – especially when it comes to replacing the windows!

Our team of installers have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to installing windows in heritage properties. In fact, we provide a whole range of heritage sash windows for you to choose from. Our heritage range includes double glazed sash and casement windows, featuring details such as heritage window locks, putty beading mouldings and bars, and all of those little decorative details you don’t want to lose.

If you live in a heritage home and you are worried about losing your property’s character due to careless sash window replacement, there is no need to worry. We are passionate about maintaining the character, charm, and detail of heritage homes. Our expert installers are fully trained to deal with extra special window replacements and you can be sure there won’t be a detail they will miss.

The Range of Windows We Install for Customers in Enfield

About Our Sash Window Service in Enfield

We are a family-run company based in London, and as you can see we are passionate about quality sash window installations. It’s not just the attention to detail that we care about, we also work extremely hard to provide the best customer service available. We care about our customers and take the time to understand their needs and what they are looking for in a sash window installation. If you would like to find out how we can help you, contact our team of experts today.

The Sash Window Warranties We Provide

We provide some of the best sash window installations in Enfield. Not only that, but we ensure our windows are protected by the following warranties:

Upon receipt of your final balance, we will register your installation with FENSA and send out all receipts and our company warranties, so you know that you’re receiving the best service possible.

Are You Looking for Sash Windows in Enfield?

If you are looking for high-quality, affordable, and long-lasting sash window installations, look no further! For quality sash window installations in Enfield, we provide a wide range of products and unbeatable company warranties. Call us today for a no-obligation discussion and find out how we can help you.