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uPVC Windows That Preserve the Look of Your Home

uPVC is a fantastic material in many ways, offering low maintenance performance, weather resistance, and energy efficiency. Visually, however, some uPVC windows simply cannot authentically recreate the distinction of heritage architecture. Lower-quality frames often lack detailed mouldings, creating an obvious artificial appearance that clashes with period homes, a problem furthered by the glossy plastic finishes many use. When looking to replicate the look of real wood an unconvincing grain imitation can really stand out, especially when installed in an older property.

Thanks to all of these factors, those seeking replacements that live up to the craftsmanship of original windows are often disappointed with the visual options of the finished product. Sash Windows London expertly manufactures uPVC sash windows that flawlessly replicate the aesthetics of the finest timber windows, so you avoid any hint of artificiality marring your home’s elegant period facade.

How Our Experts Replicate Period Window Looks

Every uPVC sash window we produce is custom-made to your specifications, with a huge range of designs available. Every proportion from the mouldings to the astragal bar designs can be fabricated to precisely match your existing windows or the period look you want to replicate.

Choose your preferred Georgian bar layouts, sash horns, lift styles, and hardware finishes in brass, chrome, or graphite to emulate original details. In terms of our convincing woodgrain look, you’ll also be able to choose whether to have woodgrain on both faces or just the exterior, further allowing you to customise your interior look. With bespoke manufacturing, you’ll have complete creative freedom to tailor the sash window design perfect for your home.

An Investment in Your Home

We take every step to ensure that our windows offer fantastic long-term performance, and we want our customers to feel comfortable when they work with us, assured that their investment is backed up by a series of warranties.

  • 10-year warranty on uPVC
  • 10-year warranty on workmanship
  • 10-year warranty on glazing
  • 5-year warranty on hardware

Why Choose uPVC For Your Home?

Our uPVC sash windows offer an ideal blend of period-authentic aesthetics and modern functionality for your home:

  • External looks preserve heritage architecture: With a series of convincing wood grains to choose from, we’ll upgrade your heritage windows with a visually convincing replacement. You can get the benefits of uPVC without any aesthetic compromise.
  • Maintenance-free uPVC construction: uPVC requires little of the maintenance needed for wooden windows, and can be simply wiped clean when needed.
  • Energy efficiency: With double and triple glazing options and robust uPVC frames our sash windows can offer great energy efficiency, helping lower bills and keep your home warm.
  • Effective sound insulation: They also provide effective sound insulation, with acoustic glazing available for further benefits. For homes in noisy urban areas, this could provide a marked difference internally.
  • Enhanced security: Our sturdy frames offer great protection for your home.
  • Meticulous detailing: We offer a huge range of detailing options, carefully tailoring to either replicate the look of your old windows or to create a new look. You can find out more through our brochure.
  • Extended warranties: We create windows for long-term use, backed up by a suite of warranties.

With their authentic exterior looks, low-maintenance construction, and true customizability, our sash windows enable you to harmoniously combine 19th-century elegance with 21st-century performance. Contact us to explore your bespoke options.

Enquire About Our uPVC Sash Windows

Our realistic woodgrain uPVC finishes capture the elegance of natural timber, maintaining heritage aesthetics whilst having exceptional durability and efficiency.

Experience timber’s visual warmth without costly upkeep. Contact Sash Windows London to learn more about our range of realistic woodgrain colours and textures for uPVC sash windows.

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