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Robust and Elegant Casement Windows

In home construction and renovation, the durability of windows is non-negotiable. They serve as the primary barrier against external elements, ensuring that the interiors remain comfortable and energy-efficient. Windows also play an instrumental role in home security, preventing unwanted intrusions and ensuring peace of mind.

Given the significance of these roles, opting for a trusted provider is essential. At Sash Windows London, we have established ourselves as a distinguished provider of timber casement windows. With an unwavering commitment to quality, we’ve consistently delivered products that combine visual appeal with robust construction.

The Timber Advantage

Timber, as a building material, boasts innate qualities that have made it a preferred choice for centuries. At Sash Windows London, we make use of engineered Redwood and engineered Red Grandis:

Engineered Redwood

Engineered timber consists of impeccable sections of European Redwood. These sections are bonded, compacted, and layered with alternating wood grain directions. This grain alteration in Redwood enhances its structural stability, significantly reducing the likelihood of deformation from swelling and warping.

This makes it particularly suitable for crafting timber windows and doors. The Redwood used is responsibly harvested from Northern Europe and holds an FSC Certification. It’s tailored specifically for joinery tasks, making it an excellent choice for window and door fabrication.

Engineered Red Grandis

Grandis stands out among other timbers in the industry due to its diverse advantages, ranking as one of the finest hardwoods available today. Boasting qualities akin to oak, Grandis is a top-tier hardwood renowned for its distinct markings and unparalleled durability. In its untreated form, the wood showcases a deeper and more intricate grain, making it ideal for those seeking a lacquered or stained finish.

A Guarantee You Can Trust

At Sash Windows London, we don’t just craft windows; we build trust. Every window we design is a testament to our dedication to quality and longevity. That’s why we confidently offer an unparalleled 30-year warranty against timber rot and decay.

With this assurance, you can enjoy the beauty and functionality of your timber casement windows for decades, assured in their strength and performance.

Our Four-Stage Finishing Process

Our timber undergoes a rigorous four-stage finishing process, ensuring each product is shielded against rot and fungal decay from the outset. Starting with a potent anti-rot treatment, followed by foundational primers, and culminating in two finishing coats, we ensure an unmatched resilience and aesthetic appeal.

Proudly standing by our process and the quality of our materials, we offer an exclusive 10-year warranty on paint finishes as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Upgrade Your Space with Our Premium Timber Casement Windows

Dedicated to excellence, we craft casement windows that capture the essence of classic designs while integrating features perfect for modern homes. Our windows are designed to mirror traditional aesthetics, making them suitable for both newer homes and historical properties, including listed buildings.

We prioritise great levels of thermal and acoustic insulation through the inherent insulating qualities of premium timber combined with double glazing. This ensures minimised outside noise disturbances, optimising your home’s comfort levels. Since every window we produce is bespoke, we’ll tailor the frame to flawlessly align with your property’s specific dimensions.

Our flush fit casement windows come with a selection of traditional hardware options including butt hinges, bulb end handles, monkey tail handles and matching peg stays to ensure that your choice fully integrates with the rest of the design.

Invest in Premium Casement Windows Today

With our rot-resistant and durable timber casement windows, you’re not only investing in architectural beauty but also in a long-lasting solution that stands up to the test of time. For older listed properties, our team can help you enjoy your living space with our bespoke designs and expert installation service.

Reach out to our experts today and discover the unmatched blend of resilience and refinement our timber casement windows offer. Secure a lasting legacy for your home.

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