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Here at Sash Windows London, we offer multiple different types of frosted glass patterns for your new frosted glass window. Whether you are looking for double glazing, or acid etched glass, our window experts can provide frosted glass designs that can suit the vision you have for an attractive decorative feature on your property quickly and efficiently. As a family-run window company, we aim to provide all of our customers with a friendly and reliable expert approach to customer service, helping you find the perfect windows for your home.

If you would like one of our expertly installed frosted glass designs for added privacy in your home, our team of experts at Sash Windows London will be more than happy to help. To discuss your needs, and arrange a frosted glass installation, contact us today. 

What is Frosted Glass?

Frosted glass reduces the level of visibility through the glass pane. Whether you want some added privacy with the glass in your front door, or extra obscured windows for your bathroom, frosted glass windows are a great choice – and can even be utilised for added designs which form an attractive decorative feature in your home. Frosted and obscure glass for windows and doors is available in multiple levels of privacy and light level, ranging from level 1 through to level 5. Level 1 is just above transparent, allowing the maximum amount of light through, with some visibility still possible through the glass. This is a popular option for those who want sandblasted glass designs. Level 5 allows the minimum visibility or light into internal rooms and is a popular choice for those who want textured glass and frosted glass styles. 

When you choose frosted and obscure glass from our range of glass types, you have multiple options to choose from; such as acid etched glass or textured glass – all with multiple design options. Our obscure and frosted glass is one of the most popular options for commercial and residential properties. Frosted glass is made with a special acid or corrosive substance which creates a textured feel along one side of the glass pane – this scatters the light as it passes through, rendering it obscured. 

Frosted glass is not completely opaque, as a small amount of light can still pass through depending on the level of frosting you choose. Frosted glass can be distinguished by its white opaque frosting, which offers a very hazy transparency. 

To discuss your options of frosted glass, or simply discuss any questions you may have, give our team a message to call you back and weโ€™ll get back to you in as little as two days. Contact us today. 

Acid Etched Glass

The process of creating this glass range involves the use of an acid, as implied by the name, in order to remove a small amount of the surface glass – this creates a rough textured overlay which obscures vision through the glass. The acid can also be used to create different designs or patterns to suit your tastes, as well as being used to etch numbers or words into the glass panel to signify your house name or number. As this technique makes the glass opaque, the level of privacy is defined by the amount of clear glass decoration added.

If acid etched glass seems like the best fit for your home, whether youโ€™re looking to etch your house or office number or name into the glass in your front door, or you are simply looking for a unique design to suit your tastes, we can bring your home acid etched glass to suit your needs. Contact us today. 

Textured Glass 

When compared to acid etched glass, where your chosen design is added to clear glass after the glass has been produced, textured glass has the pattern you request pressed into the glass during its manufacturing process. Meaning that, whilst the glass is still molten and in its forming stage, the glass then has the design imprinted onto the surface. As a result, we can offer a wide range of options of different designs and styles for you to choose from, all offering different levels of privacy and light obscuration. 

If textured glass windows seem like a great fit for your home or property, why not contact our team? We can get back to you within as little as two days to discuss your options with our range of glass which can best suit your needs. Contact us today.

Tempered Frosted and Obscure Glass

A textured, obscure glass window pane

Tempering glass provides an improved strength to the glass, whilst also removing the risk of shattering. Frosted and obscured glass can also be tempered. This means that the glass will require a far higher amount of force in order to break it and we provide this in order to provide a stronger glass which will improve the safety of your property. If the glass is broken, safer fragments will be found instead of sharp and dangerous pieces.

Because of these aspects, tempered frosted and obscure glass make for a great choice in front doors, and even shower screens or partitions, in order to provide a higher grade of safety and privacy. 

This type of glass is tempered by heating the glass to a very high temperature and then using jets of cold air to rapidly cool the glass. This causes the outer layers to cool and contract at a higher rate than the internal layers during the cooling process, which greatly increases the durability of the glass itself. In addition to this, the stress patterns ensure that the obscure toughened glass breaks into small, rounded, pieces to provide a safer breakage.

If this seems like a great option for your home, to provide a higher grade of durability and safety to the glass on your property, contact us today.

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