Toughened Glass for Greater Safety & Security

Toughened glass provides better security and has less chance of breaking in case of an accident. Toughened glass must meet many safety regulations, as it is a type of safety glass that has rigorous standards. We provide high-quality installations that have sensitive, clean designs and are available in double-glazed designs for similar security and heat resistant qualities

As industry-leading suppliers and installers of beautiful, high-quality windows, we know how to deliver windows with types of glass that boost security and energy efficiency, without compromising on looks. We understand the need for sensitive designs and emphasize our commitment to tasteful windows. The functionality of our windows can greatly enhance your quality of life.

There are many benefits of toughened glass, most of which relate to safety and security concerns. If you are ready to start a new window installation project please feel free to get in touch with us for a free survey. One of our friendly and knowledgeable team will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is toughened glass and what are the benefits?

toughened glass

The meaning of ‘toughened glass’ can be confusing, but it is essentially glass that has been tempered to withstand substantial impacts without breaking. You are likely to see toughened glass in places including windscreens and phone boxes, it is a form of safety glass that can also be seen in commercial glass doors and windows.

Using toughened glass can provide a great boost to safety standards as when it is stressed it simply shatters, instead of forming jagged shards – which makes it less likely to cause injury in the event of it breaking. Tempering is a thermal or chemical process, which will also result in heat resistant glazing.

The benefits of toughened glass in windows and doors include the following:

  • Security: Security is greatly increased by using toughened glass in a glazing installation, simply because it is more difficult to break. This makes toughened useful for street-facing windows and exterior doors.
  • Noise-reduction: Noise from outside is greatly reduced when using toughened glass. You get a similar benefit from using double-glazed window panes, but without the extra safety features in case of breaking.
  • Energy efficiency: Another feature of toughened glass, similar to double-glazing, is the greater energy efficiency that it provides. This can help lower fuel costs and assists in our environmental approach. Recycling toughened glass is also possible.

Do I need toughened glass on my windows?

Generally, a double-glazed window will provide similar benefits, including greater security, energy efficiency and a lower likelihood of breaking. 

Toughened glass is more suitable for commercial or public buildings than residential ones, this is because the typical wear and use of glass in a residential setting are not sufficient to warrant toughened glass in most cases.

We have a range of case studies that include schools and hotels, which are much more suitable for toughened glass. As an overall guide, in a space where there is any risk to public safety from broken glazing then toughened glass is more suitable. In residential settings toughened glass is often more appropriate for exterior doors, particularly entrance doors.

We offer a range of excellent double-glazed sash windows and have a great many happy customers pleased with the quality of our windows and installation service. See below for what one customer has to say about using our supply and installation services:

Glazing options for high-quality installations

We will guide you through the process of finding the most appropriate glazing for your window installation with the help of our knowledgeable team and extensive consultation process. Our service ensures you get the most appropriate glazing at a fair price.

If you would like toughened glass, double-glazing and other types of glass for your window or door installation project please feel free to contact us, one of our UK-based team members will get back to you as soon as possible.


The following are some common questions about toughened glass and further details about the services we provide:

Is toughened glass unbreakable?

No. It is entirely possible to break toughened glass, as being unable to do so can be dangerous in certain situations. Imagine a windscreen or car window, an accident may cause a need to break the window in an emergency. The key difference is that it is a lot harder to do so. Once broken toughened glass will shatter into small pieces that are safer than shards.

What is toughened glass used for?

Toughened glass is useful in commercial and residential buildings for doors, street-facing windows and large sliding or patio doors. Anywhere that an accidental impact is more likely can benefit from toughened glass.

Is toughened glass the same as tempered glass?

Essentially yes, toughened glass is glass that has been tempered. Other types of safety glass may go through a tempering process, and not all safety glass is toughened glass in the strictest sense. Other types of safety glass include wired glass, laminated glass, bulletproof glass and architectural glass.

If you are interested in the benefits of toughened glass or have any other questions please Contact us for a free survey today.