How to Insulate Your Windows for the Winter

Well, we’ve hit that time of year again. The short English summer has come to an end and winter is approaching yet again. There are many things I love about winter, the open fires, roasted marshmallows, hot chocolates, slippers and fluffy hats. But rattling, draughty windows don’t just make winter unenjoyable, they also rack up your heating bills.

So, to prevent you from experiencing the stress of faulty windows during some of the coldest months of the year, I decided to get in early and tackle an article on how to insulate your windows for winter. I hope you find it useful and, if you have any questions, comment below and I will get back to you!

What is Window Insulation?Frosted Windows

Insulation, or more importantly window insulation, is a term used to describe a window that reduces the heat loss from a building by providing an effective barrier between the inside and the outside of your home. Otherwise known as areas that are significantly different in temperature. In the UK, especially during the winter, the outside of your property is significantly colder than the inside. Without effective insulation (which we will discuss in a minute), your home will suffer during the winter. Thankfully, there are various insulating techniques that keep your windows effectively insulated throughout the winter.

Rubber Weather Sealing


Sealing your windows with rubber is one of the best insulating techniques there is. Window rubber is suitable for a variety of windows and will effectively seal your window against the wintery outdoors. This not only keeps your home warm but it keeps those heating bills low. Rubber sealing is easy to buy in your local hardware store or you can even order it online.

Layered CurtainsCurtains

Layered curtains are a brilliant option for single glazed windows that you cannot afford to replace. Single glazing is less-efficient at insulating your home than double or triple glazing as there is only one layer of glass between you and the cold winter weather. However, without forking out money to double-glaze your windows, it is possible to insulate them in the meantime.

Layered curtains offer a fantastic alternative to double glazing. The use of multiple, heavy layers of fabric can help provide a decent amount of insulation for your windows. Layered curtains will help keep your home warm and cosy during those cold winter evenings.

Draft Snakes


Do you find that your windows are letting in an icy draft? Well, draft snakes are the answer. Draft snakes are simply fabric tubes that you place underneath your window sill to prevent drafts from accessing your home. They are a quick-fix and not a long-term solution but they are effective in keeping out drafts on those winter evenings.

Window Insulation Film


Insulation film is ideal for your windows and is especially easy to find online or in most hardware stores. Insulation film is a plastic window film that can be applied to the indoor window frame with double sided tape. To create the perfect fit of insulation film to your window, heat it with a hair dryer and remove any wrinkles. This is a cheap but effective method of insulating your windows during the winter.

Caulk or Re-Caulk Your WindowsWinter

Caulk seals around your windows can wear over time but it is important to maintain it to keep out drafts and moisture. Now is the ideal time to check the caulk around the exterior of your windows before the cold of winter begins to set in. Any cracked or damaged caulk will no longer be effective and must be replaced.

Install a Low-E Coating


Low-e coatings are an extremely effective window insulation product. This special film can be applied to standard glass and keeps the damaging UV rays out while keeping the heat in, making your home more energy efficient. For larger windows, it can be difficult installing a low-e coating and people who are inexperienced with applying window coatings may benefit from hiring in a professional to help get the job done for them.

Repaint and Seal Your Windows Against the ColdFireplace

This insulating technique is especially important if you have wooden windows. One of the most important things you can do to preserve the energy efficiency of your wooden windows is to protect the wood against damage. To effectively seal your windows against damage, scrape off any old paint – especially in areas where the paint has bubbled or is damaged – and sand the area thoroughly. Be sure to fill any holes in the wood with woof filler and then repaint the windows with a minimum of two paint coats. A good paint job will help prevent the wood from moisture damage.

Install Weather Stripping

Bad Weather

Perhaps the most common form of window insulation comes in the form of weather stripping. When the window is closed over the weather stripping, the foam expands and fills any tight spaces stopping any air from escaping. Weather stripping is particularly effective in protecting your home and heating bills from the onslaught of winter.

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I hope you have found this article useful! Window insulation has never been more important than during the winter. Seriously, give the above suggestions a try and enjoy the new-found warmth of your home. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss a window replacement, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Sash Windows London Ltd today!