How to Find the Right Entrance Door for Your Home

The front door of your home says a lot about you and by choosing the right front door for your home, you can add value, increase aesthetics, and express your own style through different colour combinations, design features, and styles.

Because having a quality front door can increase the security of your home and provide good insulation, among numerous other benefits, a new front door has the ability to add significant value to your property, making it a very worthwhile investment.

Determine What Your Budget Will Be

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The first step to deciding on a new front door is determining what your budget will be. It is very easy for home improvement projects to go over budget because there hasn’t been enough thought put in or the costs were not confirmed right at the beginning. So, if this is your first time purchasing a new door, spend some time determining what your budget will be so that buying your front door won’t cost the world.

All About the Door Design

Door design is an exciting subject for many homeowners as it provides the opportunity to choose a design that complements their home and helps add curb appeal. The design of your front door is a great way to express and represent some of your personality.

If you see yourself as a more traditional person, you may opt for a classic wood panelled door. Alternatively, if you see yourself as a more artistic and expressive person, decorative glass elements may interest you. Every homeowner is different and that’s the great thing about door design; you can pick exactly what suits you!

Colour Combinations

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A fun, but often difficult decision is which colour combinations to choose from. More traditional door designs will favour primary colours with brass hardware features, while modern door designs are more commonly found in pastel shades, chrome, or wood grains. It all depends on your colour preferences and the style that you’re going for.

Low Maintenance, Affordable Composite Doors

If you are after a low-maintenance front door material, then a composite door could be just what you’ve been looking for. Composite designs require very little maintenance, give the look of wood without the extra hassle of care and are available in a variety of contemporary styles.

Stylish and Timeless Timber Front Doors

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If you’re not worried about a little front door maintenance now and then, timber can be an excellent choice of front door material. Timber provides insulation value to your property, it is strong and secure, and it can also be painted whatever colour you choose.

Timber doors are the most popular front door material choice because of their versatility, aesthetics, and strength. However, while wood doors are popular and a stylish and pleasing addition to any home, they are typically the more expensive option. So, it would be worth knowing your budget before purchasing a traditional timber front door.

A Fibreglass Door

Fibreglass is a popular material for front doors because it is durable, energy-efficient, easy to maintain, and offers a variety of colour options. Another benefit of fibreglass doors is that they are dent-resistant and won’t corrode or rust over time, making them a very popular choice for many homeowners.

Must be able to Withstand Bad Weather

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One of the main considerations when choosing a quality front door is whether or not it can withstand the rain, wind, and snow. The weather in the UK can be unpredictable and you want to know your front door will be able to stand the test of time – no matter the weather! You don’t want a door that will crack, leek, warp, or weaken over time. So, ensure you pay for quality and purchase a front door that is durable, secure, and long-lasting.

What Size Door Do You Require?

Many homeowners assume you can simply walk into a shop and purchase any front door that takes your fancy. However, this is not the case. Although a standard entryway is 80 inches high by about 36 inches wide, this size may vary depending on your home, whether you have a wider, taller, or larger entryway, or even requirements for a double door. So, ensure you know what you want.

If you’re unsure of the front door size you require, please do not hesitate to contact our team at Sash Windows London Ltd today for professional assistance.

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Finding the right front door for your property can be a real investment and also allow for improved functionality, less maintenance, increased security, and added energy savings. What’s more, you will have a front door that makes a great first impression on your visitors for years to come.

Whether you want a new front door that offers more natural light, increased security, or durability without breaking the bank, the entrance doors we provide at Sash Windows London Ltd are all excellent quality and available in a huge variety. Find out more about the front doors we provide by contacting our team at Sash Windows London Ltd today.