Essential Window Accessories and What They Do

Everyone wants their property to be as secure and fully functional as possible. Nobody likes sticking windows or locks that don’t work. Here at Sash Windows we offer a variety of window furniture to enhance the functionality, usability and safety of your windows. Window locks, latches and fasteners are terms you have probably come across before but what exactly do them mean? If you are a property owner, it is essential you know the difference between these different terms so that you can make an informed choice about the installation or repairs of your windows. Read on for our comprehensive guide all about the role of window furniture. We hope you find it useful!

Definition of Terms 

Latch: A latch is a fastener that joins objects together and allows for them to be regularly separated.

Lock: A lock is a fastening device that joins objects together by locking in place. A manual lock (as in the case of windows) can only be released by a key.

Fastener: A fastener is a device that mechanically joins two or more objects together, creating permanent joints. As fastener does just as the name suggests, it fastens things.

D Handle

Windows that comes with a D Handle allow for the ultimate ease of use experience. The D handle for sash windows is an alternative to the sash lift. Positioned internally to lift the window up, the D handle provides the ultimate ease of use and assists in the opening and closing of your window safely and effectively.

Casement Window: Stay

Window stays are extremely helpful as they assist in both the smooth operation and security of your windows while also keeping your windows in good working order. Window stays consist of a metal arm that attaches to the opening of the window with a pin that fixes it to the frame. Each arm features separated holes for a pin to be secured and keep the window in place.

Window stays support your open windows and help to maintain the security of closed windows. Available in a variety of finishes, you are bound to find a style that suits your taste and matches the interior of your home, providing a neat finish and offering security.

Hook Lift

Do you ever struggle to lift your sash windows because they are so heavy? Well, hook lifts fix that problem. Hook lifts provide easer window operation and sliding functionality. Simply place your hands under the hooks and lift the window. No more hand marks on the glass, no more struggling to pull the windows up, just ease of use and functionality.

Monkey Tail Handle

Monkey tail handles are a decorative handle alternative for your windows. All the rage back in the 1930’s when the great mass UK house-building era began, monkey tail handles have long been fashionable and functional. Even today, some of the original monkey tail handles can still be found on casement windows.

Standard Fitch Fastener 

The Fitch Fastener locks by turning the lever that is mounted on the inside window so it will lock into the piece on the outside window. These locks come in a variety of colours and sizes to suit your windows and offer extra security to your sash windows, giving you peace of mind.

Fitch latches

One of the most popular latches for sash windows is the fitch. Fitch latches have a spoon shaped lever with a hook catch. As the lever is turned towards the catch, it pulls the window closed and creates a closer seal. These are perfect for protection against the weather and ensuring your windows are fully sealed against the rain. Usually made of brass, these latches provide the ultimate solution for securing windows.


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