Why Choosing Acoustic Glass is Right for You

For decades we have been informed of the negative effects of exposure to constant noise and the health problems that may result from this. However, it is a fact that job opportunities are more commonly available in busy cities and, if you don’t want to commute, living centrally may be the best option.

Although there are many benefits of living in the centre of a city, the noise pollution can be trying to say the least. That’s where acoustic glass comes in.

What is Acoustic Glass?

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Acoustic glass is a form of window glazing that reflects noise back to the source, rather than allowing it to enter your home. Acoustic glass is where two or more sheets of glass are bonded together to help weaken the sound as it travels through the glass. This helps to significantly reduce the problem of noise pollution, making your home quieter even in the busy city centre!

How Does It Work?

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Acoustic glass achieves effective noise insulation by reflecting the noise back to the source (ie: traffic) and absorbing the noise energy within the glass so that it does not pass through into the house.

The effective sound insulation of acoustic glass can be improved by simply increasing the thickness of the glass panes or using laminated glass.

Who Does Acoustic Glass Benefit?

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Acoustic glass is recommended for properties situated in busy locations where surrounding noise of traffic or crowds may be a concern. What’s more, due to the bonded layer of glass, acoustic glass will hold in place even if it breaks. This is ideal if your window is damaged as it won’t shatter all over the floor. Other benefits of acoustic glass include:

  • Improved acoustic performance
  • Sound control
  • Impact safety rating
  • Multifunctional
  • Can fit any window design/style
  • Increases safety and security (glass will not break easily)
  • Reduces heat loss
  • Improves energy efficiency

Acoustic glass is extremely beneficial for homeowners living in noisy locations. If you’ve been experiencing a lot of noise around your property and you value a quiet life, acoustic glass could be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Sash Windows London Ltd Provide Acoustic Glass

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Here at Sash Windows London Ltd we are proud to provide our customers with acoustic glass amongst other glazing options, across both our PVCU and timber ranges. Whatever window or door design you want, we are unique in that we provide our customers with acoustic glass that is able to achieve higher decibel ratings that many of our competitors without compromising on the aesthetics of your home.

Types of Noise Pollution

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Noise pollution is a subjective term which describes the sounds a person does not want to pick up. These could be sounds that are too loud, unpleasant, or disturbing general peace. Unfortunately, living in an urban environment can heighten the possibility of noise pollution, with many people experiencing annoying or even harmful levels of noise pollution on a regular basis.

The common causes of noise pollution are as follows!

  • Aircraft
  • Road traffic
  • Anti-social noise
  • Rail noise

These are just a few common causes of noise pollution that people may experience in urban, and sometimes rural, locations.

What We Offer at Sash Windows London Ltd

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Here at Sash Windows London Ltd, we are proud to provide our customers with acoustic glass options. Our acoustic glass panes can be fitted to most of our window types and are suitable for houses in a variety of locations.

Our acoustic glass is ideal for customers wanting a quieter home without compromising the aesthetics of their property. Here at Sash Windows London Ltd we have sash window specialists who are committed to ensuring high quality and efficiency remains consistent in both our customer service and products. Therefore, we are proud to provide our customers with the following warranties:

  • 5 years on ironmongery
  • 10 years on glazing
  • 10 years on fitting
  • 10 years on PVCU
  • 10-year guarantee on paint finish
  • 30-year guarantee on timber

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If you would like to know more about the acoustic glass we provide our customers and the options available to you, call Sash Windows London Ltd today. We would be more than happy to assist you in choosing the right acoustic glass and window style for your property.