The Enemies of Your Doors and Windows

Unfortunately, despite their durability, your doors and windows will be exposed to environmental stresses both inside and outside of your home – making it difficult to maintain their aesthetics and functionality long-term. Although your windows and doors should be made from durable materials and with quality workmanship, there are several environmental factors that can contribute to the degradation of your doors and windows. These following things are natural enemies of your doors and windows:

Exposure to Natural Elements

RainOne of the most significant causes of damage to doors and windows is exposure to the elements. Unfortunately, if your doors and windows are not properly treated or maintained, the rain can cause the wood to become damp, causing rotting. Furthermore, if you live near the coast, your doors and windows could be exposed to saltwater and sand which is extremely damaging to your windows and can damage the finish and longevity of the frames and the wood of both your windows and doors.

The Exposure of Doors and Windows to Pests

Pest, Animal, Insect, Fly, NatureDuring the summer months, pests in the home become extremely common and if not detected and dealt with, they can be damaging to windows and doors. Many homeowners deal with the problem of pests by getting rid of them with sprays and traps when they arrive. However, the best method is always prevention. Gaps and holes around your windows and doors are an open invitation to pests to make themselves at home in. The presence of pests in the wood of your windows and doors is extremely damaging and can tamper with the structural integrity of your home, so make sure you’ve taken steps to repair all cracks and hollow openings.

Poor Window and Door Maintenance

Poor maintenance is one of the biggest enemies of your windows and doors. Although windows and doors that are properly installed and finished are specifically designed to withstand the test of time, without proper maintenance longevity is simply not achievable. So, the lesson here is to invest as much time as you can in regularly maintaining your windows and doors to keep them lasting longer.

Issues with Window and Door Security

White Front Door

Another enemy of your home’s doors and windows are issues with the security. Burglars take advantage of doors and windows with low security, with almost two thirds of all burglaries reported as forced entry. If your doors and windows are not effectively secured, break ins will be significantly easier and this poses a threat to your property, possessions and the safety of your family.

Consider reassessing the security of your home and replacing your doors and windows with double glazing and security locks to improve the strength, security and durability of your home.

What Can You Do?

As the homeowner, it is important that you ensure steps are taken to ensure your doors and windows are properly maintained, secure, protected from pests, and protected from the elements effectively to ensure longevity. If you’re unsure where to start, here is our list of priorities:

  • Ensure all your doors and windows are regularly maintained as you will have to replace them less often and they will last significantly longer.
  • Home security should be one of your top priorities and main concerns. If you’re worried about the security of your doors and windows, talk to one of our professionals about any worries you have and the security options available to you.
  • Always use a professional window and door supplier with excellent company guarantees, quality products and professional customer service.

What We Offer at Sash Windows London Ltd

Here at Sash Windows London, we provide quality double and triple glazed windows and doors to customers throughout the UK. All our products are of an extremely high quality, last for a long time, and are professionally maintained by our team of experts. As a company, we pride ourselves in offering customers excellent customer services and products that stand the test of time. That’s why we provide all our customers with the following company guarantees:

  • 30-year guarantee on timber
  • 10-year guarantee on a paint finish
  • 10 years on PVCU
  • 10 years on glazing
  • 10 years on fitting
  • 5 years on ironmongery

If you would like to know more about our products and the options available to you, why not check out our website or give us a call today? Our team of window and door specialists would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and advise you on the best product choice for your home.