The 6 Surprising Benefits of French Doors

Here at Sash Windows London, we don’t just specialise in windows, we also specialise in doors – French Doors for that matter! French doors are a stunning addition to any home, adding to the overall aesthetic. In recent years, French Doors have been growing rapidly in popularity. Whether they are interior or whether they lead to an outdoor garden, French doors will always be a beautiful addition to your home and they will certainly add value, as well as providing a host of other benefits. Read on to find out more.

1. Secure

Many people assume that, by installing French Doors, they are reducing the security of their home. However, this is not the case. French Doors, are surprisingly customisable and can easily have security locks built in. Our French doors incorporate high security espagnolette locking systems and full adjustable hinge systems for ultimate security. If you would like more information about the security of French doors, call us today to discuss your requirements and we will help make your French doors extra secure for your peace of mind.

2. Light

French doors effectively function as windows, allowing for more light to flood into your home. Replacing your windows with a set of French doors can be a wonderful way of letting an increased amount of light into your home and changing the overall atmosphere. And, when the weather is warm, you can simply open the doors to expand your living space and opening out into your garden or patio as well as allowing fresh air to circulate your home.

3. Access

As well as being a stunning addition to any home, French Doors are incredibly functional. When you install your French doors, with Sash Windows London, you are adding extra doors to your house and allowing additional access. Additional access points to your home are incredibly useful as they allow you to bring in larger items to your home through spacious entry, they allow for a spacious entry point for parties and family gatherings and they are also just great for adding an additional entrance to your home.

4. Equity

When you add French doors to your home, you will increase the value of your home. French doors are a wonderful addition to any home and, for a potential buyer, French doors are an amenity that can seal the deal.

5. Reduce Heating Bills

The installation of a set of French doors can greatly reduce your monthly heating and cooling costs. Here at Sash Windows London, we always recommend to our customers, if fitting French doors, that French doors should be used to govern entryway traffic as their design helps to maximise air retention. While sliding doors take time to open and close, French doors can be quickly open and closed – reducing the amount of escaped air.

6. Durability

Many people assume that because French doors tend to be glass, that they are not very durable. This is not true. You don’t have to sacrifice your home security for a set of stunning French doors, you can purchase a set of high-protection-grade glass. The improved durability of French doors over the years has meant they are viable security doors – while their ever-expanding design options effectively serve homeowners seeking comfort and style.

Timber French Doors

Here at Sash Windows London, we offer two styles of timber French door. The lipped is a modern profile suitable for installation in conservation areas and is most commonly chosen for prestigious new build mansions, refurbishment properties or Barn Conversions with a stone or brick finish. The flush French door single and double door leaf configurations to suit specific requirements. The slim sectioned flush profile is particularly suited to period properties, in areas where specific conservation requirements must be adhered to.

Both options open out as standard to maximise space and integrate the outdoors with an outside space, opening in options area also available where required.

PVCU French Doors

Like our timer range, we offer a lipped and flush fit version of our French doors. Lipped doors are a more modern economic alternative, suitable for installation in most homes and new builds. While the Flush Fit are classic, designed to replicate traditional timber doors with flush fit sashes.

Both have additional futures, such as decorative glass and Georgian bars, your French doors can be tailored to your specific requirements. We also offer a range of colours, foils and finishes. All our designs offer the same high-standards of security and quality construction and have the benefits of modern PVCU including noise reduction, low maintenance, safety and security and energy efficiency is available as open-in and open-out styles.

Final Words

Today’s homes are prioritising French doors over other options, and for good reason. French doors are a beautiful addition to any home – you would be surprised how much change a single installation can create. So, if you are looking to install French doors, give us a call today, we would be more than happy to discuss your requirements.