The 6 Sash Window Trends of 2018

When people decide to replace their windows, what are some of the things they look for? Well, in addition to high-security, durability, and quality materials, there are a number of trends extremely popular right now. So, in this article we will be looking at the latest window trends, what’s back in, and what you should look out for this year!

The Industrial Look is Back In

Once upon a time, the industrial look was just for functionality and because needs must. However, today, it is now a very popular option for individuals wanting to achieve a certain aesthetic in their home or commercial space.

Open-plan living is now more popular than ever, and homeowners are constantly looking for new ways to create light and airy spaces. One of the most popular 2018 trends is replacing solid walls with floor-to-ceiling steel windows. The steel is often very energy-efficient and extremely strong. This is the ideal way to retain that desired light and airy feel, while also creating the desired industrial aesthetics. The thick black frames and steel windows add a striking touch to any property.

Heritage Windows

Preserving the history of our beautiful country, England, and its heritage properties is an ongoing trend. Preserving the tradition and unique character of your home is becoming ever-popular as homeowners are wanting to capture and maintain the traditional aspects of their homes.

Here at Sash Windows London Ltd, we have a whole range of windows specifically designed for listed and heritage buildings. Our craftsmen have a wealth of experience and can build stunning timber heritage windows that perfectly fit the aesthetics of your existing property, featuring the right details on mouldings, bars, and even slim frame sections. It is on-trend to maintain heritage windows in traditional properties and it actually has the benefit of raising the value of your home! So, it’s worth following and investing in this 2018 trend!

Windows that are Bigger and Brighter

Large windows that let in more light are all the rage this year. Many homes are centred around modernism with clean lines, bold colour combinations, and arching windows. This means that whatever the weather, homeowners can enjoy plenty of natural light in their homes. What’s more, window designs without any grids are very popular as they allow for unimpeded viewing. Keep your property on-trend with some brand-new windows to allow for bigger and brighter spaces.

Clean Lines More Popular than Ever

Clean lines are a popular choice for homeowners around the country because they are a great way to achieve a modern design, without compromising on your choice of décor. Casement windows are a great option when it comes to clean lines and letting in plenty of light in. For homeowners wanting a beautifully clean finish with lovely straight lines and plenty of surface space to enjoy the view, opting for casement windows is a fantastic choice.

Coloured Windows and Doors

This trend began sneaking into home improvements last year, but it has made a real impact in 2018. Coloured windows and doors are more popular than ever before and really help your home stand out from others on the street – a much more exciting choice than plain white. What’s more, rumour has is that Ultra Violet is the ‘Colour of the Year’ for 2018. So, if you fancy staying on-trend with your colour choices, this might be the option for you.

Energy-Efficient Windows

2018 is the year of environmentally-friendly practices. It is becoming increasingly popular and trendy to have energy-efficient windows. You can save a lot of money with energy-efficient windows by ensuring all that warm air coming from your radiators isn’t seeping out while the cold air sneaks in. Double glazing keeps your home at a comfortable temperature all year round, meaning you’re not losing money on your heating bills and your home works far more efficiently – saving you money and helping care for the environment.

Which Trend Will You Choose?

If you’re having new sash windows installed in your property this year, perhaps take into consideration the trends for 2018. If you’re unsure of the style, material type, or colour you’d like to go for, contact our team at South Coast Windows today for more information. We would be more than happy to advise you and suggest the best windows for your requirements.