Sash Windows Richmond | Timber, UPVC and Box Sash Windows  

We provide Richmond with the best sash windows on the market; double and triple glazing, UPVC and timber – our products are unrivalled.  


At Sash Windows London Ltd, we are a business passionate about providing high-quality UPVC, timber framed and double glazed sash windows, delivered and professionally installed throughout Richmond. All our staff are fully trained and committed to providing excellent customer services throughout the area.  

We know that sash windows are a significant investment and that, in order to make such a purchase, you need to know it’s worth it. Well, our knowledgeable staff are available to help guide you through your sash windows purchase, fully informing you with everything you need to know to get the best sash windows for your Richmond property. No matter the size, style, heritage, condition or aesthetics of your home, we can find the ideal window to compliment your style and provide secure functionality that lasts for years to come.  

About Sash Windows London Ltd

Sash Windows London Ltd is a family owned company that is professionally managed for the best customer service in Richmond and the surrounding areas. Over the years, we have built a reputation as a company with excellent customer care and high-quality products. In short, we care about what you care about and we offer a reliable approach to customer service that ensures you get the products you want, when you need them.  

UPVC Sash Windows

Here at Sash Windows London Ltd, some of our most popular products are our UPVC sash windows. These UPVC sash windows are made to mimic the style and look of timber sash windows as closely as possible but for a cheaper price. We can fit our UPVC sash windows into a variety of homes and commercial buildings to suit your exact requirements.  

Authentic Timber Sash Windows

Timber is a material that has been used for generations for its functionality, durability and pleasing aesthetic style. If you would like to purchase authentic timber sash windows for your property, you’ve come to the right place. Our timber sash windows are extremely long-lasting and, made with a choice of engineered hardwood and slow-grown pine, they are made to last. All of our timber sash windows are made to last, protected against rot, decay and weathering.  

Double Glazing to Improve Energy-Efficiency

You don’t need to wait for winter to roll around to discover your windows are not energy efficient, your energy bill will tell you all year round. At Sash Windows London Ltd, we are helping customers throughout Richmond install double glazed sash windows to provide ultimate energy efficiency – keeping your home the perfect temperature. Not only that but our double glazing is built to last the test of time, so your energy bills can stay low for many years to come!  

Triple Glazing

When it comes to ultimate energy efficiency and sound insulation, triple glazing is where it's at. Our triple glazing is available on all PVCU designs and is the ideal choice for larger glazing areas because it allows maximum glazing sizes with minimum heat loss. Our triple glazed sash windows offer excellent U-Values and are some of the best on the market.  

Box Sash Windows

Our box sash windows have been specifically designed to ensure that their frames, meeting rails and glazing bars mimic (as closely as possible) the traditional sash window. Box sash windows are a beautiful addition to any home, adding a sense of history. In fact, looking at the aesthetics, design and style of our box sash windows, you would find it hard to tell the originals had even been replaced!  

What Sash Windows London Ltd Offer

We always want to ensure that our customers in Richmond are completely happy with their sash window purchase, which is why we offer several company warranties to protect your windows and you.  

10-year guarantee on a paint finish  
10 years on fitting  
10 years of glazing, seals and ironmongery  
10 years on PVCU  
30-year guarantee on timber  

Does this seem too good to be true? Well, check out our testimonials page for honest reviews from a selection of our customers.  

Your Home is Important to Us

When installing our sash windows, we will cause as little disruption as possible. We know that maintaining the look and style of your home is extremely important. We want our windows to compliment your home rather than take away the aesthetics. Whether your home is a heritage building, has historical significance or has traditional detailing, we will find the ideal windows to fit seamlessly with the style of your home. It is just important to us, as it is to you, to maintain the beauty and history of your property.  

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If you would like sash windows installed in your home, then Sash Windows London Ltd are the company for you. We have been installing beautiful sash windows throughout Richmond for years. Whether you require UPVC, timber framed windows or double glazing, we are here for your needs. With years of experience providing sash windows, we have a wealth of knowledge to share with our Richmond customers. So, call us today!