Are You Moving House? Don’t Forget to Check the Windows!

Buying your first home is an exciting time and viewing houses is a lot of fun. However, while most potential buyers spend their time passively observing the interior of a property and the layout of the rooms, smart buyers know the things they should be looking out for.

And when it comes to windows, there are some key things you should be paying attention to.

Do the Windows Have Cracking Paint?

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Often when buying a property, potential homeowners don’t spend a lot of time analysing the exterior of the building. However, when checking the state of the windows the external frames are a great indicator of the state of the windows. If the previous homeowners have invested in and looked after the windows properly, they have likely taken care of the rest of the house.

If the external window frames have cracking paint or the wooden window frames are soft, they are usually rotting. Rotting window frames call for a complete window replacement and these can be expensive, so you want to make sure you check the state of the window frames thoroughly before making a purchasing decision.

Is the Double Glazing in Tact?

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Double glazing is a must-have as it ensures your home is secure, properly insulated, quiet, and so much more! If you notice there is condensation between the double-glazed window panes, it means they are faulty and the double glazing needs to be replaced as it is no longer working effectively. Furthermore, if you discover a draught coming in between the window panes, the double glazing is faulty and must be fixed.

Are the Windows Wonky?

Wonky windows can be a sign that there are foundation issues with the house or that the property is poorly insulated. When inspecting the property, take a moment to pull back the curtains to check for any lopsided frames. The only fix for wonky windows is to have the foundations of the home checked and the windows replaced.

Check for Improper Ventilation

Without adequate ventilation, a property suffers as moisture from the air has nowhere to do and sticks around, creating mould and increasing allergies. The best way to avoid this problem? Check for improper ventilation by looking for condensation on windows or slightly peeled or bubbled paint around the windows, doors, or vents. These are common signs that there is moisture in the air and poor insulation is to blame.

Inspect the Windows for Air Leaks

If your windows leak, they can make your house very draughty, noisy and cold. To check for any air leaks within the windows of a new property, see if you can rattle them. If there is movement, it is possible there are air leaks caused by the sealant around the windows diminishing over time. Go outside and have a close look at the external window frames and see if you can spot any gaps between the frame and the siding. If there are any gaps, they must be professionally filled in to avoid air leaks.

Check for Well-Placed Windows

Many people underestimate the importance of natural light at home. An ideal property will have plenty of windows that are well-placed and large, letting in a lot of natural light. Natural light is surprisingly easy to overlook when attending open houses, but it can make a big difference to the quality of your daily life.

To check for well-placed windows in a property that lets in plenty of natural light, visit the property at different times throughout the day to make a proper judgement call and get a full picture of what the natural light is like in the home.

Are the Windows Single Glazed?

Single glazing can have a significant effect on a property. If you’re someone who likes to keep warm in the winter and save money on bills, you want to avoid a property with single glazing. If you do purchase a home with single glazed windows, you might want to consider replacing them before the winter season, when your heating bills are likely to rise the most. With single glazed windows, you might be surprised just how high your heating bills get.

How Secure are the Windows?

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Secure windows in a new property are extremely important as they keep your home, your belongings and your family safe. When it comes to home security and purchasing a property, it is crucial you know your windows are secure. When viewing a property, check the windows are installed with high-security locks (this is common on UPVC windows) to ensure all your valuables will be safe.

How Secure is Your New Property?

It is very common for people to purchase a home and soon afterwards spend significant amounts of time and money replacing the windows. By following the above steps, you can ensure the property you’re buying has windows that are well cared for and made to last.