How to Reduce Sun Glare at Home

Summer is a wonderful season; the hot weather, the picnics, the ice creams on the beach…But summer also brings with it many frustrations and one of those is sun glare. This can be a real problem for many people, causing discomfort, annoyance and stress. Not only does the sun cause glare within your home, it also increases temperatures and makes activities like reading or watching television challenging. However, you don’t always have to close all the curtains and live in the dark to solve this problem, there are several ways you can reduce sun glare while still allowing light into your home. For my top tips on reducing sun glare in your home, read on!

Install a Window Film

Window films are specifically designed to allow light into your home while simultaneously reducing sun glare and ultraviolet rays. Installing window films in your home is best done during the summer months when the sun is visible most often. Applying window film can help to cut out a substantial proportion of unwanted glare, whilst still allowing natural light to enter your home. Window film is easy to install, does not require cleaning and is cost-effective.

Awnings and Shutters

I know I mentioned above that there is no need to sit in the dark just to reduce sun glare in your home, but awnings and shutters can help in reducing sun glare. Midday is typically when the sun is at its highest and its hottest, meaning glare is heightened. You could install a roof overhang to block out direct sunlight and help keep your home in the shade, or, alternatively, you could install shutters. Shutters are a brilliant alternative as they can be angled to reduce glare whilst still allowing light into your home.


Landscaping may not be something you would consider when searching for solutions to sun glare but it can have a significant impact. Trees are an excellent source of shade and they also help block glare during those particularly sunny days. However, during the winter seasons, trees become bare and the sun glares in directly through your windows. One way to combat this is to landscape your garden with evergreen trees and shrubs which will not deplete during the winter season. Correctly landscaping your home can have a significant impact on sun glare.

Décor Colour

Painting your walls can have a surprising impact the amount of sun glare in your home. If your walls are darkly coloured, the windows will seem a lot brighter. To combat this problem, paint your walls a brighter colour. This tip is ideal when you only have one window in the room letting in natural light and when covering it would reduce light significantly.

Lower Sun Angles

The angle of the sun changes along with the seasons. This means that during the winter months, the sun may have a direct line through your windows, causing more glare than you would perhaps expect. Simply lowering your shades during the day can make your home more visually comfortable by reducing glare and stopping those headaches from squinting.

Final Words

Sun glare can be a real annoyance but it doesn’t mean you need to draw all the curtains and live in the dark whenever the sun is out. You should be able to enjoy the rare sunny days we get here in England! I hope the above tips have given you a couple of ideas on how to reduce sun glare in your own home. If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. Here at Sash Windows London Ltd, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have!