How to Install Sash Windows Without Compromising Heritage

In the UK, history is everywhere and many of the properties are full of character. From large Victorian houses to beautifully detailed Edwardian properties, in the UK you’re never far from history.

Many historical homes in Britain are not only part of the country’s character, but many of the older buildings are protected under conservation laws to ensure that the buildings retain their heritage style. For homeowners of heritage properties, these regulations can be limiting, and frustration can set in when the property’s existing windows are inefficient, bad insulators, and costly to maintain. As a result, many heritage homeowners consider moving into modern homes to avoid the costly problems of heritage windows.

However, before you put your home on the market, let me tell you about the steps you can take to have sash windows installed in your property without compromising its heritage.

How to Retain the Market Value of Your Heritage Property

Did you know that period properties have a 50% higher asking price than the average property? If you live in a heritage home, that’s great news! But you may be worried about retaining the historical aesthetics of your home when installing sash windows.

Purchasing double glazed sash windows from Sash Windows London is a great way to retain the market value and heritage of your property, without compromising anything.

Old and Authentic Sash Windows Aren’t Always Comfortable

Your old but authentic sash windows may look beautiful, but they may suffer from being poorly fitted or simply being single-glazed. This can lead to a pretty uncomfortable lifestyle as your home is always cold, draughty, and full of condensation. Thankfully, you don’t have to live this way because Sash Windows London have the solution to your old windows! We replace old sash windows with replicas that are secure, durable, and double glazed. Our sash windows are so authentic and traditional that onlookers won’t even know the windows have been replaced.

Replacing Rotting Heritage Windows

Most heritage windows are made from timber and because they have not been replaced for decades, the timber is rotting. This can cause many problems, including warped window panes, excessive condensation, and heat loss. Wood is a natural resource that has been used for decades as it is a naturally renewable and insulating material. When timber is properly and effectively maintained, it is a material that can last for decades.

However, double glazed timber sash windows reach a point where they are beyond repair and require full replacement. Here at Sash Windows London, we are highly experienced at replacing timber sash windows effectively and to a high professional standard. So, if your home has timber framed sash windows that have never been replaced and are causing you numerous problems, call Sash Windows London today. We will install timber framed double glazed sash windows and professionally maintain them so that you don’t have to.

Double Glazed Windows for Heritage Properties

Here at Sash Windows London, we are proud to provide homeowners of heritage properties with double glazed windows. Our double-glazed windows are tastefully designed to replicate the traditional aesthetics of the properties original windows.

We offer a wide range of timber and PVCu sash windows that are intended to replicate the traditional sash windows of a property. If timber framed double glazed sash windows are out of your budget range, we offer PVCu alternatives that look just as good as the real thing but at a more affordable price.

We Install Windows without Impacting Your Property

With Sash Windows London, there’s no need to worry about the impact of a window installation on your property because we take care. Our team of window-installing professionals can replace your sash windows without compromising or affecting your home’s heritage. We are always careful to ensure that the proper materials and techniques are used to help maintain the historical value of your home, while providing a positive transformation.

We Install Double Glazed Sash Windows for Heritage Properties

Energy efficiency is a subject talked about a lot in the 21st century and we should all be doing our bit in reducing our carbon footprints. However, if you live in an older or heritage property, you may struggle to retain the heat in your home and ensure your home is thermally efficient. Our double glazing has numerous benefits and will keep your home properly insulated and secure all year round.

The benefits of our double-glazed sash windows are numerous, including:

  • Thermal efficiency
  • Security
  • Heat retention
  • Reduction in noise pollution
  • Reduction in energy bills

If you want to improve your home without compromising its historical architecture and aesthetics, Sash Windows London are the company for you. Give us a call today!

Replacing Sash Windows in Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings

All listed buildings are protected by law and it is important that you obtain buildings consent by making an application to your local council before making any changes to your property. There are measures that can be taken to ensue your home’s energy efficiency and security is increased by the addition of double glazing, however there are official processes you have to go through to obtain permission. If you would like to know more about the rules surrounding the purchase of double glazed sash windows for listed buildings, click here.

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If you have a heritage property and you would like your windows replaced, Sash Windows London are the property for you. We provide authentic and professional sash windows that seamlessly fit with the style and uniqueness of your home, whilst providing all the practical benefits you would expect from your windows.

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