How to Clean Windows Without Chemicals

Cleaning your windows is one of those tasks that needs to be done every couple of months. Well-done widow cleaning helps maintain the sleek look of your windows. However, window cleaning can often result in numerous unsightly streaks that catch the light just as you collapse in an exhausted heap on the sofa.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Cleaning your windows without chemicals can drastically reduce streaks on the glass and help you have an overall enjoyable window cleaning experience (sort of). Chemical cleaning products are bad for the environment and bad for our respiratory systems, too. They can cause numerous allergies or even severe poisoning. So, why not use alternative products and natural resources to clean your windows? In the end, you will not only achieve the desired outcome of the perfectly polished windows, but also you’ll be able to save both money and time.

Here at Sash Windows, we know all there is to know about windows and how best to clean them so I hope you find this article helpful!

The Power of Water

Water Droplet

Most of us don’t consider cleaning our windows with water alone but it can be extremely effective. However, it is important to consider what is in the water you use as the content of your water can influence cleanliness. Tap water is not a good choice for washing your windows because more often than not, it’s hard which means that it might leave stains on your window panes. It contains minerals such as calcium, sodium, and copper which are the cause of these ugly marks that obscure the view and give the glass a dirty and stained look. I would suggest using distilled water when you can as it has less minerals in it and so won’t leave any streaky marks.

Purified water easily breaks up organic impurities, water-based pollutants, dust, grease, and general dirt. According to the pole-fed window cleaning professionals (Fantastic Services), purified water removed dirt from the glass pane without leaving any marks behind. The results are always immaculate and you don’t have to use any chemical detergents in the process.

The Magic of Vinegar


Vinegar is known by nature-lovers and environmentalists as the magic cleaning product. Vinegar is an excellent alternative to chemical cleaning products as it does the job just as well without harming the environment or filling your home with fumes. This chemical alternative can be mixed with water to create a 50/50 water-vinegar cleaning solution that will effectively cut through the dirt on your windows and create that streak-free shine. Just spray it on and wipe it off like you would any other cleaner.

Also, if you miss the smell of freshly cleaned windows and you want the dull smell of vinegar, you can always add 2 tbsp of lemon juice. Another alternative is to use essential oil. Adding 10 drops to any homemade cleaning solution will not only refresh your home but it also has antibacterial and anti-mildew deterrent qualities.

Get Rid of Paper Towels

Paper Towels

Paper towels are not just bad for the environment, they are bad for your windows too. You know that bucket of cleaning supplies that you carry your window cleaning products in? Get rid of the paper towels now as they aren’t doing you any favours. Paper towels don’t just leave streaks but they release lint all over your windows, create static on the glass and move the dirt around instead of removing it.

They are probably the worst choice of cleaning material because all they do is smear the window panes. Paper towels rip easily, especially when wet. They tear to pieces and get stuck to the wet surface. Also, they contain dyes, and some of them have adhesives that glue the two pieces of paper together, leaving marks on the glass. You will need to use a great amount of paper rolls if you start cleaning all the windows at home. This will cost a lot and you’ll do a poor job at cleaning any window.

Use Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre Cloths

When it comes to window cleaning, or any kind of cleaning for that matter, I would strongly recommend using microfibre cloths. Not only do these cloths clean effectively, but they get rid of the dirt and leave your windows with a streak-free finish. Microfibre cloths don’t even need spray or detergents to thoroughly clean your windows. Instead, they rely on the tiny little fibres of the cloth that carry away the dirt, leaving the surface of your windows dirt-free.

For the best results possible, before you use the cloth for the first time, soak the cloth in hot water for about 10 minutes or put it in the washing  machine at a high temperature. After that, you can use the microfibre cloth by lightly damping it in water and then proceed to polish your window glass. That way you will have an absolutely lint-free surface and not even a tiny streak left behind.

Work Quickly

Woman Cleaning

Working quickly, when cleaning your windows, is especially important on hot sunny days as fast-drying can cause streaking and make your windows look worse than they did when you started. Be sure to keep your window cleaning supplies with you at all times so you can move quickly from one room to another with ease. This way, each window you clean won’t rapidly dry up in the sun before you have a chance to wipe it down.

To optimise the process, you should hold the spraying bottle with the cleaning solution in one hand, a sponge or squeegee in the other, and a microfibre cloth in your pocket. This way you can spray the glass, remove the suds immediately after, and finish with a quick polish of the cloth.

Remove Scratches


Although your windows may be clean, scratches on the surface of the glass may give the impression that they are dirty. Scratches on your windows can be caused by many things, such as kids’ toys, tree branches, fierce winds throwing about stones and much more. However, don’t despair as scratches can be removed by using a jeweller’s rogue. With some elbow grease, the scratches will eventually begin to disappear. Soon enough, your windows will be back to looking brand new again.

Another method of removing scratches is by mixing baking soda and water. You need to prepare a paste-like solution by mixing a spoon of baking soda and a spoon of water. Apply a small amount of the paste on a microfibre cloth and rub it over the scratch in a circular motion. Do this for no more than 30 seconds, because after all, we want to preserve the quality of the glass surface. After that, polish the window with a clean, damp microfibre cloth and you’re good to go.

Final Words

Cleaning your windows is not a particularly difficult job but it can be a time-consuming one. It can also be frustrating when you have spent an hour or two cleaning windows, only to find once you have finished that your windows are covered in streaks.

There are many alternatives to the chemical detergents we use in our daily life that can deliver the same high-quality results with cleaning. They can ease the chore of cleaning windows without any need for repeating the activity again to get shiny looking glass panes.

I hope this article has helped give you some advice on the most effective ways to clean your windows. Let me know in the comments below of my suggestions have helped you attain those streak-free windows you always wanted.

If you would like any more information, or if you have any questions, give us a call today. We would love to hear from you!