How to Clean Bifold Doors: Advice from the Professionals  

Bifold doors are a wonderful addition to any home. They make your space look stylish, open and light, complementing your home perfectly and making it seem bigger than it really is. Even on cold gloomy days, your bifold doors can keep your home feeling bright and cosy.  

So, it is only natural you should want to keep your bifold doors looking as shiny and new as they did upon installation. To give you a helping hand, I’ve written this article to share with you all the tips and tricks you need to keep your bifold doors looking flawless.  

Begin by Dusting Your Bifold DoorsDust with Microfibre Cloths

When cleaning your bifold doors thoroughly, it is important you dust them first. Dusting with a feather duster or a soft cloth will help remove any dust or dirt build-up on your doors and window panes, making your life easier when it comes to cleaning the panes. When cleaning, whether cleaning bifold doors or not, it is important that you start at the top of the doorframes and work your way down as this wipes all the mess onto the floor.  

Clean Your Bifold Doors on a Cloudy DayA Cloudy Day

Although we are all more prone to noticing those grubby marks on our windows when the sun is shining, a sunny day is the worst time to clean your windows. Why, you ask? Because sunny days may cause your windows to streak as the cleaning product dries on the glass faster than you can wipe it away. Therefore, it is far more time-efficient to clean the window panes of your bifold doors on cloudy days.  

Always Clean the Interior FirstCleaning Bifold Doors

Obviously, it’s your choice, but I would recommend always cleaning the interior of your bifold doors first as it is generally cleaner than the outside. What’s more, cleaning the interior before the exterior will prevent your cleaning tools from contaminating the inside panels with dirt from the outside.  

How to Clean the GlassCleaning Products

When cleaning the glass, you can either use standard window cleaning solution (which you can find in the majority of supermarkets), or you can use a solution of distilled vinegar and water. Whatever your choice of glass cleaner, simply spray it onto the glass and wipe the surface clean with a microfibre cloth.  

Alternatively, you can use a squeegee to clear the glass of cleaning solution. Your squeegee blade should always be soft and in good condition; so clean it every few strokes and rinse it well after use.  

Buff Your Windows DryTowels

After cleaning your windows, it is important to buff the glass dry. Many people swear by using newspaper to buff their windows clean and it definitely works! But you can use a dry cloth if you don’t like the idea of wiping an old newspaper over the glass. Buffing your windows gives the glass that satisfying shine and will keep your windows looking as shiny as new.  

Clean the Frames of Your Bifold DoorsSash Windows Maintenance

When cleaning your bifold doors, it’s not just the glass panels that require attention. Cleaning the frames is also important and will require nothing more than a quick wipe with a non-abrasive cloth soaked in warm water.  

To keep your bifold doors looking brand new, I would recommend giving your door frames a wipe over once a week to maintain the clean and shiny exterior. If there are any stubborn stains that simply won’t shift, try using an ink rubber to lift the mark. You will see a difference straight away if it is working, so don’t keep scrubbing away at the stain if you do not see any change straight away.  

Cleaning the Tracks and SealsAluminium Bi-fold Doors

To keep your bifold doors in good condition, it is important you clean the tracks and the seals around once a month to keep them free of large stones and debris. Any objects or dirt build-up that becomes caught in the tracks can impede the smooth running of your doors and potentially cause damage.  

To keep your tracks and seals clean, simply use a vacuum cleaner nozzle and run it along the tracks to remove any debris that has been collected inside. In saltwater environments (houses close to the sea), the external surface of the doors should be washed down with fresh water on a weekly basis to avoid salt deposits build-up.  

Maintaining the Locks on Your Bifold DoorsVacuum Cleaner

Your bifold doors run on a system of hinges and trolley wheels and these must be keep well-lubricated to ensure full functionality. I would recommend lubricating your bifold doors every couple of months or when you notice them starting to stick. This should help to keep them running smoothly.   

How Often Should You Clean Your Bifold Doors?Dustpan and Brush

Cleaning your bifold doors – especially the glass panes – should be part of your weekly cleaning routine. A full clean of the doors, which includes wiping down the door frames and lubricating the locks, should be done every couple of months. During the summer, when you are likely using your doors a lot, it is important to clean your doors more regularly.  

Enjoy the Shine!

With regular maintenance, you can ensure your bifold doors last as long as possible and look as good as new in the process. I hope you have found the above tips helpful! If you have any questions about bifold doors or the products we offer, please feel free to call our friendly team today 

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