How Often Should You Replace Your Sash Windows?

Here at Sash Windows London, we get many questions from our customers about our products and one of the most common is: how often should you replace your sash windows? So, I thought I would sit down and lay out all the information for you to help you make a fully-informed decision.

Although your windows cannot talk to you, there are some telling signs they need replacing. Although our beautiful sash windows don’t last forever, our sash windows are protected from timber rot and decay, paint and stain, hardware, glazing and workmanship. So, if you begin having problems with your sash windows, it is likely they are covered by the warranties above.

However, even high-quality windows like ours don’t last forever. In fact, the lifespan of your sash windows is affected drastically by the conditions you live in. For example, windows situated in coastal areas are likely to age faster than those in cities. If your windows are more than a few decades old, it is sensible to start checking for those tell-tale signs they need replacing.

New Sash Windows

Timber Sash Windows

If you have decided to replace your sash windows, you may want to purchase the exact same style, colour and make of your old windows. However, it is worth talking with our professional advisors at Sash Windows London as new technologies, designs, materials and finishes mean that your new windows could help you save money, reduce maintenance requirements, save energy and improve comfort to name a few! So, before you make a big purchasing decision, be sure to ask the advice of our professionals to ensure you invest in the best windows for your property and requirements.

Replacing Your Sash Windows


When it comes to sash window replacement, whether you are an expert at DIYer or not, we would strongly recommend you book a professional to do the job for you. Replacing sash windows is a delicate business and to guarantee your windows are installed to the highest possible standard, it is important you call Sash Windows London today.

Our team of professional fitters can expertly fit your new sash windows to a pristine standard. By calling us you can save a significant amount of money and reduce your risk of injury or damaging your new windows. By enlisting the help of our professionals, you will have your sash windows replaced in very little time and to a very high standard.

Refurbish and Maintain Your Windows

Sash Windows Maintenance

Sash windows must be maintained and refurbished every decade or so to ensure they last for many years to come. Over the years, your sash windows will start to age and the glass may become loose in the sash box as a result of your house settling and moving around it, causing the timber window frames to expand and contract. These movements can cause gaps to form, reducing the energy-efficiency of your home and signifying the need for maintenance to be carried out. Maintaining your sash windows is very important as it can help keep the draughts at bay and maintain the smooth opening and closing of your windows.

Common Signs You Need to Replace Your Sash Windows


There are many telling signs your sash windows need replacing. If you discover any of the following signs, it is very likely your windows need to be replaced:

  • Draughts in your home
  • Faded colours of carpet, curtains and furniture
  • Stains, leaks or streaks on the walls around your windows
  • Condensation
  • Your energy bill rising
  • Noise pollution

For more information, I have written an entire blog post on this very subject. Why not check out my article on the 8 Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows for more information?

Windows We Offer

Double glazed windows

If you are interested in replacing your sash windows, Sash Windows London provide a variety of sash windows to choose from. We supply our customers with the following windows:

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