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Our Sash Bay Windows

Sash Windows London Ltd are a family owned box sash windows company based in London and offering traditional box sash windows in a wide range of styles. Our reputation is built on delivering traditional, bespoke box sash windows and our high standard of service and care ensures customer satisfaction with every order. Our team offer a friendly, reliable approach to customer service whether it be online or in our showrooms based in Clapham, South London. We have highly experienced knowledgeable staff to guide you through every step of the process and are proud to say our standards are second to none.

Sash Bay Window Installation Services

We will install sash bay windows with attractive UPVC and timber materials. Your new or replacement windows will benefit from double-glazed window panes that reduce noise pollution and increase your level of home security.

Our expert team of designers can help choose the most practical options and select windows with prices that are suitable for your budget. You can install sash windows in an ordinary bay window space, and if you have a box bay window we can install a box sash to fit this type of frame.

The windows we offer have authentic appearances but will suit traditional and contemporary properties alike. Your new or replacement window installation will greatly benefit your standard of living,Ā contact usĀ today for a free quote.

What is the Cost of a Sash Bay Window Installation?

The cost of your installation will depend on the number of windows you are installing. TheĀ double-glazed sash windowsĀ we provide have extra glass, which will raise the overall cost in comparison to single-glazed alternatives.

The type of sash bay windows you choose also influences the price. Our durable and attractiveĀ UPVC sash windowsĀ use less expensive construction materials than ourĀ timber sash windows,Ā so this choice affects prices too.

Also, our heritage windows, intended for listed buildings, use traditional designs and manufacturing techniques that take more time and skill to produce, so these windows are more expensive too.

If you are installing replacement windows, the old windows will also require removal, which may affect the installation price if there are a large number of windows or they are difficult to access.

What Are the Features of Your Sash Bay Windows?

Aside from increasing security and reducing noise pollution, our sash bay windows provide the authenticity of a period or traditional design and couples it with the modern conveniences of double-glazed windows seen on newer buildings.

Useful features our sash windows include:

Energy-saving Eco-Glazing

We have a consciousĀ commitment to the environment.Ā While double-glazed designs help with energy efficiency, we go further and work with our glass supplier, Saint-Gobain Glass, to deliver PLANITHERMĀ® TOTAL+.

These windows are glazed with EcoClearĀ® technology, which vastly improves the energy efficiency of homes and allows you to save money on heating bills.

Sustainable Timber

As part of our environmental commitments, we make sure that we use sustainable timber for our windows. Our timber products have the highest certifications possible from the Forest Stewardship CouncilĀ® (FSCĀ®).
FSCĀ® certification guarantees our timber comes from sustainable forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. The FSCĀ® does not allow illegal logging, forest degradation or deforestation.

How Does Your Sash Bay Window Installation Service Work?

We are delighted to have aĀ reliable and accommodating teamĀ with extensive experience in window design and installation. They will first suggest sash designs for your bay window space and accommodate the needs of your budget. If you have a box bay space, they will advise on box sash windows.

Our expert design team will then work with our installation team to provide a swift and efficient installation that meets all of your design needs. Every aspect of construction will incorporate excellent craftsmanship and meet all safety and regulatory standards.

Sash Bay Windows at a Cost-effective Price

We can provide double-glazed UPVC and timber sash windows at a price that suits your budget. Our double-glazed designs provide an authentic look and add the benefits of a modern window.

Our friendly and professional team will guide you through the process and can find solutions for any challenges that arise.Ā Contact us todayĀ for a free survey and to get your sash bay window installation underway.

FAQs and Useful Information

The following are some frequently asked questions about sash bay windows and the services we provide:

Can Sash Windows be Double-glazed?

Yes. Sash windows have a range of glazing options. Double-glazed sash windows can seamlessly blend into period buildings, which maintains their traditional design style while adding the modern benefits of double glazing.

What is a Sliding Sash Window?

A sliding sash is a window with two pieces, or sashes, that slide up and down to open and close the window. A double-hung sash window has both sashes moveable and a single-hung sash window has one sash moveable.

Why do Victorian Houses Have Bay Windows?

Due to a change in the law in 1894 windows on buildings were allowed to protrude outward from the facade of a building. Architects and builders of the subsequent periods regularly chose to present windows in bays.

What is the Advantage of Bay Windows?

A bay window can make a room appear larger. You also gain a different viewpoint for looking outside by using a bay, as you will otherwise not be able to see from either side of the window without leaning outward.

Does a Bay Window Add Value to a Home?

Yes. Bay windows are desirable for the extra space, natural light and views they add to a home.

Does a Bay Window Let in More Light?

Yes. A bay window allows light from different angles to enter into a room. The effect of having more light from multiple directions is a brighter room that draws natural light into it throughout the day.

How Long Does it Take to Install Sash Bay Windows?

Depending on the number of windows you are installing, sash bay windows can take around 1 to 3 days to install. Larger projects will take longer and difficult to access sites can also increase the length of your installation time.