Windows with Astragal Bars for an Authentic and Traditional Looking Design

Our team of experts will guide you through every aspect of your window installation that features astragal bars. We can provide a wide range of options from our selection of quality window products. Your windows will help reduce noise and increase energy efficiency as we use modern glazing techniques.

Astragal bars can help add a sense of design to windows made from various materials, including timber and UPVC. Our installation team earns regular positive reviews from reputable trade sites, so we are the ideal people to install your windows with astragal bars. They are suitable for sash and casement windows, as well as French doors.

We will provide a swift installation service that is bespoke for your budget, product material needs and design concerns. Make sure you contact us about installing your windows with astragal bars today, we can then arrange a free survey to determine the cost of your installation.

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Why you need our window design and installation service

Astragal bars differ from Georgian bars in that they separate a single pane of glass, giving the effect of multiple panes. Georgian bars are set within the glazing itself and are an internal sealed unit. 

The chief appeal of both astragal bars and Georgian bars is the traditional look they give, which can be difficult to achieve on modern new or replacement windows. However, the astragal bars in windows that we supply will present an authentic look for your window installation due to the high levels of craftsmanship in our products.

The benefits of astragal bars in your new or replacement windows installation include the following:

  • Privacy: If your home is located in a larger town with a high population, astragal bars can provide a greater sense of privacy. The effect that results from breaking up the window panes means that it is more difficult to see in, while still providing plenty of natural light.
  • Security: You can enjoy greater security by using astragal bars, which will make it much more difficult to force entry. The extra security and deterrent factor that astragal bars deliver is appealing for people living in busy cities or people who have windows that are facing streets.
  • Authenticity: The materials and construction methods that we use in our materials will produce an extremely authentic traditional style. The glazing we use withstands the modern problems of noise and weather very effectively and provides greater energy-efficiency with a traditional look.

To achieve the level of quality in the windows with astragal bars we deliver takes some time and great care in the production process, which can affect cost. We work with people on a range of budgets and may recommend lower-cost surface mounted, stick-on or clip-on alternatives in some cases.

You can select from a range of materials and window styles depending on your needs, our timber sash windows will provide an authentic sash windows design featuring astragal bars with the extra benefit of double glazing options. Similarly, UPVC casement windows offer a low-cost durable material that can also feature astragal bars with the same level of authenticity. It all depends on what you want.

Our professional team of experts will guide you through each step of the journey and help you make the right choice, whatever your situation may be. Perhaps you want astragal bars for French doors or windows, we can help with that too. Our French doors are available in UPVC or timber and will have the same level of quality.

Comprehensive, bespoke installation services for windows with astragal bars

Installing windows with astragal bars will greatly enhance your quality of life as we use modern glazing that can reduce noise, increase security and boost energy efficiency while providing a traditional look.

We will offer you a very swift and professional installation and will guide you through product decisions depending on your needs in terms of costs, materials your windows use or any design concerns.

If you are ready to install windows with astragal bars, the first step is to get a free survey. One of our friendly and professional team members will provide you with a no-obligation cost estimate. Contact us today for more information.