All You Need to Know About Artificial Snow and Sash Windows

Artificial snow is beloved the world over, especially in places where snow is uncommon on Christmas day. Artificial snow gives your sash windows a seasonal wintry look that helps you celebrate the festive season in style. By decorating your sash windows for Christmas, you can add a homely feel to your home. Your windows allow for great decorating opportunities and artificial snow is a must!

What is Artificial Snow?

Artificial Snow

It’s exactly what it says on the tin: artificial snow. This spray-on product comes in an aerosol can and creates the look of real snow gathered in the corners of your windows. Artificial snow can be enjoyed on the inside or outside of your sash windows and you can even use it to decorate other festive items in your home such as your Christmas tree, wreath or decorations.

How to Apply Spray Snow

Wintry Windows

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So, you’ve bought your spray snow in time for Christmas, but how do you apply it? I would recommend practising a few styles on paper before applying the spray to your windows, so you can be sure of creating the desired finish. When applying artificial snow spray to your windows, it is important you protect the floor of your home and all surrounding walls. When spraying patterns, lettering or snow effects onto your windows, hold the can about 12 inches from the surface and be sure to follow the instructions on the label of the can before spraying. Depending on the product, drying times and user instructions may vary.

Make Use of Christmas Stencils

Christmas Stencils

If you’re worried that your free-drawing skills aren’t up to scratch, why not make use of Christmas themed stencils? If you don’t have any, don’t worry, you can make your own. Find out how to make your own window stencils here. You can create any picture you want from a snowflake-filled wonderland to a scene of snowmen or Christmas trees. By making use of stencils, your finished snow-covered windows will look like they’ve been designed by professionals.

Write Snowy Season Greetings

Window Markers

Perhaps you want something extra classy for your sash windows this Christmas. Why not try writing season greetings? This is a wonderful way to welcome visitors to your home, wish passers-by a Merry Christmas and even let Santa know to pay your home a visit! Hand lettered art can give a personal touch to your sash windows, helping spread the Christmas cheer. If your handwriting isn’t made for displaying, you can purchase huge varieties of alphabet stencils for the picture-perfect finish.

Top Tip: be sure to spell your season greetings in reverse so they can be readable from the street!

Get the Whole Family Involved

Family Decorating

The great thing about artificial snow is that it’s fun for all the family. Even if you have young family members who are too little to use an aerosol can, why not encourage them to use window markers to draw pictures that you can fill in with spray snow later? This is a lovely way to get all your family involved in the sash window decorating process. If you’re family are dreaming of a white Christmas and you’re not sure the weather will deliver, keep everyone happy with spray snow. Nothing says Christmas better than a lovely sash window snow scene. There is something magical about snow-filled sash windows.

Artificial Snow Easy to Clean

Water Drops

Many people avoid spraying artificial snow onto their windows in fear that it will be difficult to remove later on. However, spray snow has come a long way in the last decade or so and new products are being released every year that are easy to clean, mess-free and simple to use. Most spray-on snow products are now so easy to remove at the end of your Christmas festivities that all it takes is a wipe with a warm wet cloth and some window cleaner.

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