6 Ways to Increase the Security of Your Sash Windows

Here at Sash Windows London, we are passionate about offering you the best possible service. Not only will we fit your windows and ensure they are aesthetically pleasing but we will make sure they are as secure as possible while still functioning smoothly and effectively. If well-maintained and properly locked, your sash windows can last for a long time and maintain the security of your property. However, below, we have listed several ways that you can add to the security of your sash windows to keep your household safe. We hope you find it helpful.

1. Restore and Maintain Your Sash Windows

The most effective way of ensuring the security of your sash windows is to ensure they are well-maintained and working effectively. Sash windows are typically subject to wear and tear over time and this can reduce your window security, making them more prone to damage. If you notice any parts of your sash windows looking poor or flimsy, then you should consider replacement of these parts immediately. Check out our window furniture for any window parts you may need to purchase for replacement. However, if your windows are well-maintained and properly locked, as with most windows, they will provide a fair level of security.

2. Opening Restrictors

Opening restrictors are essential to improve the security of your windows and the safety of your family. Opening restrictors can be installed on your windows to limit the distance your sash windows are able to open. This is an excellent safety device and not only keeps you children and pets safe from falling out of the windows, but it also restricts the opening space for a potential intruder trying to climb in. Nothing like adding a window feature that has multiple functions.

3. Dual Screws

Dual Screws fit most sash windows and offer added security as the screw can only be removed by the use of a kay. Quite simply, dual screws secure the two window frames together to prevent opening completely. These are effective security measures to take when you are going on holiday and want to ensure your windows are properly locked and secured.

4. Window Catches

Window Catches are ideal for sash windows as they can prevent the lower sash window from lifting any higher than a couple of inches. Not only does this add security to your home by preventing a potential thief from entering your home, it allows for effective ventilation and is a much safer option if you have small children around.

5. Reinforced Glass

Reinforcing your window glass is one of the more expensive options but it an effective way to up your window security without adding bars. Reinforced glass is stronger and more difficult for burglars to break than standard glass, meaning it will take them far longer to break through the glass and they will usually alert someone in the process of attempting to smash the glass in the first place.

6. Draw the Curtains

This may not seem like a very effective preventative measure but it is essential at night time, when the house is lit up like a lighthouse, that you draw all the curtains so that potential burglars cannot see in or spot any valuables they may want to steal. Drawing your curtains when you go away on holiday is also a good prevention method against criminal behaviour as it stops people from seeing into your home which, once again, means they cannot see your possessions and may not bother breaking in because they do not know if you own anything valuable to them. Drawing your curtain is a simple yet effective way of deterring thieves from your home.


Here at Sash Windows London, we are passionate about offering a friendly and reliable approach to customer service and we want to offer you the highest security with your window installation. Which is why we offer highly experienced and knowledgeable staff to guide you through every step of the process. We are committed to ensuring that high quality remains consistent throughout our entire product range and installation process. We hope you have found this article on window security useful and that it has given you some suggestions for securing your own windows at home.

For more information, get in touch with us today, we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. What are some of the ways you have increased the security of your windows? We would love to hear from you in the comments below, so drop us a line!