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Ensuring Hassle-Free Windows

While older windows installed in UK homes often maintain an acceptable exterior look, they can be affected by a series of mechanical issues that work to hamper their functionality over time. Dated designs lead to inefficient sealing and heat retention, while rusted hardware causes sticky operation. In many homes, efforts to sustain exterior looks with repainting can lead to buildups that block the sliding motion, and in extreme cases, warped wood can jam sashes closed. While repairs are a possibility, they might not be able to offer a consistently simple operation. This makes opting for replacements a great choice, but not all solutions are made equal, with an investment required to ensure reliable long-term performance.

When assessing window replacement options, it’s crucial your new windows not only capture the aesthetic charm of the originals but also that they incorporate modern engineering for easy, reliable operation that seals out weather and noise over decades of daily use. At Sash Windows London, our uPVC sash windows marry traditional appearances with performance-enhancing mechanical design and sturdy manufacturing to deliver smooth, unencumbered operation for your home.

Peerless Modern Performance From Our uPVC Sash Windows

Our uPVC sash windows incorporate high-grade materials and precision engineering to deliver superb weatherproofing, thermal efficiency, noise reduction, security, and flawless operation. Our multi-chambered uPVC frames minimise heat transfer for excellent insulation. Steel reinforcements add strength while enabling slim, authentically proportioned profiles. State-of-the-art glazing creates acoustic barriers and draft protection. You’ll have the choice of single, double, or even triple glazing depending on your needs.

Throughout the manufacturing process, we meticulously calibrate joints, seals, balances and hardware to ensure the smoothest possible vertical sliding for years to come. The result is low-maintenance windows that echo heritage aesthetics yet offer modern performance.

Maintaining Traditional Looks

At Sash Windows London, we believe stunning period looks and modern functionality need not be mutually exclusive. Our uPVC sash windows take advantage of malleable PVC’s ability to mimic wood’s proportions, shapes and textures. We recreate every detail, from mouldings to Georgian bars, sash horns, putty lines and lifelike wood grain. Finished in your choice of heritage colours, our windows are virtually indistinguishable from timber, evoking the handsome detailing of 19th-century architecture. Yet unlike wood, our uPVC requires no ongoing painting or rot repairs. For homes seeking timber’s enduring beauty without its maintenance, our windows harmoniously blend traditional facade aesthetics with fuss-free longevity.

Our Ironclad Guarantees

You can be assured of the quality of our uPVC Sash Windows, with a series of guarantees on windows, glazing, and installation.

  • 10-year warranty on uPVC
  • 10-year warranty on glazing
  • 10-year warranty on workmanship
  • 5-year warranty on hardware

The Endless Benefits of uPVC

Sash Windows London’s uPVC sash windows offer homeowners:

  • Low maintenance: A simple regular clean with water and a mild product will keep your windows pristine.
  • Energy efficiency and noise reduction: Our windows offer excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, helping protect one of the key parts of your home’s thermal envelope.
  • Security and strength: Each window we produce is extremely robust, offering an excellent level of security for your home.
  • Custom colours and wood grain textures: We have options for Farrow and Ball colours or a choice of authentic woodgrain finishes. We can offer woodgrain on both sides or just external.
  • Traditional appearance and detailing: You’ll benefit from a huge selection of sash designs, fasteners and accessories, helping you to precisely recreate the look of your home’s original windows, or mimic a chosen historical design.
  • Smooth, reliable sliding operation: We pride ourselves on durable long-term function across our full range.
  • Complete peace of mind through long warranties: With a range of warranties we want our customers to be assured that they’re investing in their home, whether it’s a historic property or a new build.

With durable uPVC construction and refined engineering, our windows deliver warmth, security, charm and smooth operation while eliminating upkeep. Speak to a member of our team today about your needs.

Enquire About Our uPVC Sash Windows

Our uPVC sash windows unite the elegance of heritage designs with low-maintenance durability and performance. Retain the period details you love while benefiting from enhanced insulation, weatherproofing, and effortless upkeep.

Bring together the best of old and new with our authentic, energy-efficient uPVC sash windows. Contact Sash Windows London today for a free consultation. Discover options that harmonize period charm with fuss-free functionality.

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