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Sliding Sash Windows

Our team at SashWindows London Ltd have been designing and installing bespoke sliding sash windows for over 20 years across London. We excel in providing our customers custom-made sliding/vertical sash windows that compliment their proeoprty’s appearance. Whether you’re renovating your period property in the heart of Notting Hill or are simply looking to replace your old windows and breathe some life back into your property, we have the experience and technology to help.

Our sliding sash windows come in the following styles:

  • Timber sash windows
  • UPVC sash windows
  • Double glazed sash windows

Heritage Range

We also provide sliding sash windows in our heritage range, including PVCU heritage windows and timber heritage windows.

All sliding and vertical sash windows are designed and built bespoke to your requirements. Our team of manufacturers understand the importance of maintaining the original look and feel of your property and we work hard to design and install completely bespoke sash windows for any property.

With a range of colours, sizes and optional extras, we can design windows that match the appearance of your property for a seamless, subtle finish. All windows come with various guarantees to ensure a long-lasting build quality and value for money.

To purchase your sliding sash windows today, contact our team by calling the number above or emailing us above.

Timber Sash Windows

Our timber sliding sash windows are designed with sustainable timber and are primed for energy efficiency. Each timber sliding sash window we design is built with charm and character. Timber is a very versatile material in both construction and aesthetics, meaning that whether you own a p[eriod property or something more modern, our timber sliding windows will be a perfect for your home.

All timber sliding windows are designed to meet thermal, acoustic and PAS 24 security standards. This means that your windows will not only stand the test of time, but will keep your home secure and may even save you money on your heating bill.

Spiral balance

This sees your timber windows fixed to a spring renson spiral and operate purely through friction. This technique was popularised in the 80’s and has since seen vast improvements to ensure easier gliding actions when opening and closing. Our team of manufacturers has perfected the spiral balance technique to ensure your windows open seamlessly without losing the charm and character of the traditional spiral balance mechanisms.

Cord and weights

The cord and weights mechanism remains very popular in modern vertical sash windows designs. Operating on a traditional pulley and weight system, the design features a heavy nylon cord affixed to wheels that allow the sash window to be pulled and released up and down. This mechanism is very popularly seen in stone and brick buildings, but can be installed and will flourish anywhere.

Double Glazed Sliding Sash Windows

For customers who want the traditional look and feel of sliding sash windows but want the added benefit of extra security and thermal insulation, our double glazed windows are the perfect solution.

Double Glazed Box Sash Windows

We can also apply double glazing to boxed sash windows if you’re considering an alternative design. Our box windows come in timber, UPVC, PVCU. If you’re unsure over what window will best suit your property or budget, please get in touch with our team.

The Main Benefits

It’s common knowledge that the biggest benefit of double glazed sliding/vertical sash windows is the improved energy efficiency. Approximately 25% of heat loss is lost through windows and doors, so ensuring that you have professionally-fitted and compact sliding sash windows may save you a small fortune in the long run.

Another huge benefit, as previously mentioned, is your windows come with the traditional design qualities of heritage sash windows, combined with modern insulation technology. Our manufacturers are able to install double glazing onto both timber and PVCU frames.

PVCU Heritage Windows

PVCU windows from Sash are designed to mimic the design of your home. Our PVCU windows can be installed on both modern and period properties, maintaining their charm and heritage. Our PVCU windows have been installed in a number of conservation areas across London and we can guarantee that we will deliver the same exceptional standards to your home.

PVCU Sliding Sash

Designed with traditional detailing, including deep bottoms rails, slim sashes and the option of adding a Georgian bar, our sliding sash windows combine historic grace with modern insulation and security properties. You can also add brass catches and additional decorative horns for a timeless and unique finish.

Add some style to your property with a tailor-made stunning PVCU sliding sash window today.

Timber Heritage Windows

Nothing speaks of louder luxury than an expertly crafted timber heritage window from Sash Windows London Ltd. Our timber sliding sash windows are ideal for customers looking to restore or maintain the heritage of their period property in London. They have been specifically designed to be installed on listed buildings and conservation areas, where approval is required. This means that the property retains its historic legacy but benefits from some of the advancements (such as glazing and thermal efficiency) found in modern window installation.

Our timber heritage windows can also be installed with unique features, including lambs tongue and putty bead mouldings and bars for a truly authentic and historic aesthetic. If required, you can also opt for our Heritage Ventlock for child security and safety.

Timber Sliding Sash

Expertly designed to allow lots of light into the room and maintain the historical roots of the property. Ideal for all listed and modern properties, but are most popularly installed in Vicotorian and Edwardian houses. If you are looking to install timber sliding sash windows in a period property, you may find that the regulations state the windows must have a reduced frame width to fit behind reveals (so they do not project into rooms. Our manufacturing team will assess the property’s frames and design and install a sliding sash window that meets the property’s historic requirements.

Our timber heritage windows come in both single glaze 4mm glass and slim line 14mm glass with lambs tongue profiling.

Purchase Your Sliding Sash Windows Today

All sliding sash windows are designed and installed by an experienced team of manufacturers to ensure a stunning and lasting build. We understand the importance of designing windows that merge seamlessly with period and listed properties, which is why we take time to create completely bespoke frames for customers across London. All windows come with guarantees to assure long-lasting quality, including:

10 year workmanship warranty
10 year paint and stain warranty
5 year hardware warranty
10 year glazing warranty

When you contact our team, we will discuss your preferred design options and the cost of your bespoke windows before any construction begins. We want to understand your property to ensure we create and install sliding sash windows that compliment your property.

Whether you’re looking to install brand new sliding sash windows, or replace your current ones, contact our team today to enhance your living space. Benefit from secure, weather-resistant and aesthetically-stunning sliding sash windows from Sash Windows London Ltd.


  • 10 years on PVCU
  • 30 years on timber
  • 10 years on glazing, ironmongery and seals

Benefits of energy efficient windows

  • Smaller energy bills
  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • More comfortable home: energy-efficient glazing reduces heat Peace and quiet: as well as keeping the heat in, energy efficient