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Our Sliding Sash Windows

We have been designing and installing new or replacement bespoke sash windows in properties across London for over 20 years. These custom-made, sliding window designs are all created to complement the aesthetic appeal of any property they are fitted to, while never compromising on the features any homeowner values most. Energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, easy maintenance and strong security are all paramount in our products.

Whether you have come to us to retain the legacy of a period property with properly-fitted timber sashes from our Heritage range or wish to add a timeless elegance to a modern home through high-quality uPVC sashes, we can help.

Our products can also be ordered in a range of colours to suit all tastes and property types, coordinating wherever needed with the original features of listed buildings and other properties in conservation areas. Alongside this, they are designed to meet thermal, acoustic, and PAS 24 security standards. This means that they will be as long-lasting as you are hoping for while keeping your home as quiet, safe, and secure as you need it to be.

PVCu Sliding Sash Windows

Our PVCu sliding sash windows are all designed to offer the traditional, aesthetically-pleasing fit and finish of an original timber design, but made in a more affordable material. PVCu offers property owners the opportunity to care for their windows without any trouble either, as the easy-clean material will only require washing with soap and water.

The compact nature of these windows also means that they offer a significantly improved level of energy efficiency and soundproofing.

We can install PVCu vertical sliding sash windows with classical detailing, such as deep bottom rails, slim sashes, and the option of adding a Georgian glazing bar. Decorative horns are also an optional feature for this type of window design. To learn more about the features provided for PVCu sliding windows, please contact us today.

Timber Sliding Sash Windows

Using high-quality softwood timber for your window frames allows you to maintain the aesthetic appeal and preserve the historical roots of any period property being refurbished. They are also ideal for bringing a sophisticated, historical element into a modern property design, though they are more popular with Victorian and Edwardian homes.

Timber sliding windows can be built with either a spiral balance or a cord and weights mechanism as an opening and closing method.

If you wish to replace sash windows in a conservation area, you may be required to install timber designs at a reduced frame width. This ensures that the finished products will fit behind reveals and not project into rooms. Our manufacturing team will be glad to assist you with this by assessing your property’s frames before providing a design that meets the required dimensions.

Our Heritage Range

We are also proud to provide sliding sash windows as part of our Heritage range, which sees timber or modern uPVC used to recreate the original features of any older or period property. Timber sash replacements are especially favoured for this, as we specifically design them for installation on buildings in areas where approval is normally required.

Our heritage windows can be fitted in a range of sizes and colour options, and can also be installed with a variety of distinctive features. These include lamb’s tongue and putty bead mouldings to preserve authenticity. If needed, it is also possible to install a Heritage Ventlock for added child safety and security.

Sliding Box Sash Windows

For an alternative design to the typical sliding sash window, you may also consider having new or replacement windows fitted in a sliding box sash design. The “box” feature is designed to house the system of mechanisms that allow the window to open, hiding it from view and maintaining a flawless look for any interior space.

To learn more about sliding box sash windows, please get in touch with our team today.

Double Glazing or Triple Glazing for Sliding Sash Windows

Sash windows of any variety are designed to let in a large amount of natural light as their first function. However, they can also be designed to retain heat, offer greater levels of soundproofing, and provide better levels of security than simple locks. All of this is easily achieved by choosing to fit modern sliding sash windows with double-glazed or triple-glazed panels.

All of our sash window products can be ordered this way and can keep your home feeling warm, quiet, and as safe as possible. Contact us on the phone or send us an email today and we’ll be glad to discuss your options as soon as possible.

The Main Benefits

The most important benefit you should notice from the installation of double-glazed or triple-glazed sash windows is that they are completely eco-friendly. Approximately 25% of the heat lost from a home is lost through windows and doors, so by ensuring that you have well-fitted, compact sash windows installed by specialists, you are likely to be saving yourself money in the long term.

Your purchase will also come with all the expected design qualities of heritage sash windows, while still benefitting from modern insulation technology. We are also more than capable of supplying both double-glazed and triple-glazed softwood timber and uPVC sliding windows, so you will never miss out on the advantages based on your material choice.

Find Your Ideal Sliding Sash Windows Here

Whether you are looking for new or replacement sliding sash windows for your property, you will find exactly what you need with our service. We understand the importance of designing and installing features that blend seamlessly with any modern or period property, so we will always ensure your bespoke frames are created to complement aesthetic and architectural needs.

Our team will be fully prepared to discuss any preferred design options and specifications from the moment you get in touch, and we’ll always discuss prices before you place your order. Enhance any space with stunning, secure, and weather-resistant sliding sash windows and get them at a price to suit your budget today.