Where Does Our Glass Come From?

At Sash Windows London Ltd, we are very aware of the places we source our products from, ensuring that they are kind to the environment and good quality so that we can deliver long-lasting and impressive results to our customers. So, where does our glass come from?

We source the glass for our sash windows from the Saint-Gobain Group. They manufacture environmentally friendly glass for a range of applications and are part of the Saint-Gobain Group, Europe’s leading manufacturer of flat glass for the UK market.

About Saint-Gobain Glass

The Saint-Gobain Group was founded in 1665 to deliver the production of glass on an industrial scale and it has continued to grow its business ever since. In fact, in 2015 the Saint-Gobain Group celebrated its 350th anniversary!

Here at Sash Windows, we like to work with them because they are constantly adapting their company so that they can provide better service, improved products and continued improvement in the way they work with their customers.

Saint-Gobain’s mission is to continue to improve people’s daily life by renovating their homes to achieve maximum comfort, health and wellbeing whilst also improving the environment. This is quite a big task and yet, Saint-Gobain Glass does it with professionalism and style.

Environmental Awareness

Saint-Gobain Glass has a reputation for its environmental awareness. They won The Sunday Times national award for training and motivation of staff on green issues. They have also been named as one of the UK’s greenest companies and have been praised for their efforts in reducing their carbon footprint. Environmental awareness makes this company stand apart from others in the industry, paving the way towards eco-friendly products and sustainability.

Furthermore, Saint-Gobain Glass was the first glass manufacturer in the UK to successfully achieved the prestigious BES6001 accreditation achieving a ‘Very Good’ standard for its responsible sourcing of materials. It was also the first and only glass manufacturer to have subjected its products to a full Life Cycle Assessment, thereby ensuring they are not needlessly disposing of products.

The worldwide drive for sustainability and Saint-Gobain’s role in making it happen has had a tremendous influence on the glass industry. The benefits of Saint-Gobain Glass are too numerous to list. However, although their glass products are rather energy intensive to produce, due to their energy saving properties they can ‘pay back’ that energy in a matter of a few months once they have been installed.

Final Words 

We at Sash Windows London Ltd are proud to source our glass with such a trustworthy, professional and environmentally-friendly company. We encourage you to check them out, if you haven’t already. And to Saint-Gobain Glass – keep up the good work!