How much will UPVC sash windows cost?

UPVC sash windows vary in cost depending on factors such as size, the number of windows in the installation and the type of glass that you decide to use. Therefore, it is challenging to offer a price estimate without knowing a few details about what you intend to achieve with your installation.

The material of UPVC is a type of synthetic plastic that is hard, low weight and has a high degree of flexibility during production. These characteristics make it a useful material for windows in comparison to traditional timber. The cost is also relatively low, which makes it attractive for people looking to get a sash window at a reasonable price.

You need to contact us for a free survey to get an accurate quote on the final cost of your windows. We are experts in sash window installations of all kinds and will be happy to help you with your project.

upvc sash window cost

What affects the cost of UPVC sash windows?

We stock a range of high-quality sash windows to suit all tastes and building types, including period properties and those in a conservation area. Among the people we work with, UPVC sash windows are very prominent because they are energy efficient and come in an assortment of colour options.

The cost of UPVC windows varies depending on many factors, a significant factor is the type of glazing that you choose, a double-glazed window may cost more as it uses more glass.

Things that will affect the cost your UPVC sash windows include the following:

  • Size and amount: While plastic is desirable to many people because of the lower cost, the more that you use will increase the price. Larger windows are more expensive and will inevitably raise the final cost of your installation.
  • Design and features: A simple sliding sash is a cost-effective option, but depending on your tastes you can opt for a different design that may affect the price. For example, if you choose to add a woodgrain finish the costs may increase.
  • Scale of project: The reality is that the more windows you wish to install, the higher the overall price will become. It is also possible on some more ambitious projects, such as those encompassing many floors, that there will be extra costs necessary for a safe installation.

In all of our installations, we will endeavour to offer the best price that we can. Whatever the cost, you can be sure that the results will please you and meet your specific requirements. We have a range of popular case studies available to view that will give you a better idea of our work on a diverse mix of sash windows.

What are the advantages of UPVC sash windows?

Choosing UPVC, sometimes people will also call it PVCU, has several distinct advantages. The benefits of using this material are particularly evident in windows.

Some of the advantages of UPVC in window design include the following:

  • Low cost: We discuss the factors affecting the cost of your UPVC window installation above, but one thing about the material itself is that it is cheap to produce. It has a lot of uses aside from windows and manufacturers have an incentive to keep costs down to serve a wide range of industries.
  • Low maintenance: The wonderful thing about using UPVC is that it is straightforward and simple to clean. There is no need to worry about using any strong cleaning implements or harsh chemical products, none of these will affect the finish and it will resist any scratches.
  • Long-lasting: The weather resistance and sturdiness that are intrinsic to UPVC makes them ultra-long-lasting. Another advantage of their durability and long lifespan is that repairs are very rarely necessary – other types of window, for example, timber windows, do not enjoy this benefit.

UPVC is a popular choice for sash windows, not to mention millions of other products, for the reasons we describe above. However, one thing that we did not mention is their aesthetics, which is also key to their appeal. UPVC sash windows look clean and bright even in darker areas.

It is a part of our mission to always use the most sustainable materials in all of our products. While UPVC is not an environmental choice in terms of its manufacturing, it is highly recyclable – which is one of the reasons we choose to use it. UPVC has a lifespan of around 140 years and can be recycled 7 times.

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Whether you are installing a vast array of double-glazed windows or a single sliding sash, we can help you. It is tough to estimate the prices yourself, so the first step is to contact us today for a free survey, this will give you an accurate idea on costs.

UPVC is a versatile material that has many features desirable for a sash window. While the overall cost is difficult to determine, you will definitely save money when you choose this option over timber windows. You will also enjoy a low-maintenance, durable design throughout the lifetime of the window.

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