The 5 Best Curtain Styles for Sash Windows

Sash windows are a beautiful feature of any home and can easily become the statement piece of a room. However, despite their impressive features and aesthetically pleasing qualities, sash windows can be difficult to dress. While many homeowners require privacy and shade from the sun at times, they do not want to obscure their sashes.

So, how do you dress your sash windows successfully so that they look just as good but also blend into the décor and style of your home? Well, to help you out we thought we would advise you on the 5 best curtain styles appropriate for your sash windows. The aim of this list we have put together is to complement your sash windows, no matter the décor you’ve chosen or the general style of your home’s interior.

1. Sheer Voile Curtains for More Light

Sheer Curtains

If you enjoy a home that soaks up plenty of sunlight throughout the day, you may not want big heavy curtains that block out the light. So, a good alternative is a pair of sheer voile curtains. This curtain style adds a light and airy feel to any room and allows for privacy from passers-by on the street while also letting in plenty of natural light.

Sheer voile curtains are ideal for living spaces such as the lounge, office, or dining room, complementing your sash windows and highlighting them as the focal point of the room but without obstructing their natural elegance. However, sheer curtains would not work so well in a room where darkness is more of a priority (such as the bedroom).

2. Floor Length Curtains

Floor Length Curtains

For a cosy, homely feel, floor length curtains could be just what you need. They offer your sash windows a lovely framing effect that is pleasing to the eye and a great way to complement the interior of your home. Floor length curtains are a versatile choice as you can hang and tie them back in multiple different ways. For example, you could hang them on a traditional curtain pole, add a pretty hem, or simply sweep them out of the way with a gorgeous curtain tie.

The options are endless, and you can really work in little fine details that catch the attention of the eye as you move about the room.

3. Traditional Shutters

Traditional Shutters

For a practical, functional, and professional look, shutters are a popular choice. A great way to add your own touch, shutters can often be customised to fit the style and décor choices of your home.

What’s more, traditional shutters are a fantastic way to get the light balance in your home just right. By adjusting the shutters, you can filter the amount of natural light coming into a room, keeping the room cool during the summer and lighter during the winter. For homeowners who live on a busy street it is possible to purchase Café-style shutters which cover the bottom half of sash windows for that added privacy on street level. When it comes to shutters there are so many options, you just have to shop around and find what works best for you.

4. Sash Window Blinds


If shutters aren’t what you’re wanting, then perhaps blinds would be a better option. A popular choice for families, blinds are functional and extremely easy to use. What’s more, they don’t require cleaning as frequently as shutters so.

Blinds are available in a variety of styles, shades, and designs and are a great way to add a pop of colour or elegance to any room. They are easy to install and don’t obstruct your view or anything else in the room. Depending on the room you are installing your blinds, you can purchase sheer or blackout blinds (among others), controlling the amount of natural light that is let into your property.

5. Add Soft Drapes

White Drapes

Soft drapes are a stunning addition to sash windows and can be paired with either blinds, shutters, or lined curtains – so are a great way to include multiple window dressing styles into your home. Soft drapes add a touch of colour to your windows and can add a lovely floaty touch to your space, helping it feel more relaxed and comfortable for newcomers. Drapes made from voile or muslin are the best choice and help bring that softness to any space.

Seek Inspiration Online

Have a browse for ideas online before making any final purchases as there are so many fantastic curtain options to choose from. Why not take a look at the inspiration boards on Pinterest or create your own design boards to see how certain fabrics or colours would fit in your space? There is a wealth of knowledge and ideas out there, and you get the fun bit or choosing what works best for you!

What Have You Chosen?

If you’ve recently dressed your sash windows in a particular curtain colour or style, let us know in the comment box below what you’ve chosen. We would love to hear the style you decided on and how well it is working for you!