How much does it cost to have bifold doors fitted?

The cost of installing a bifold door depends on the materials you choose for the doors, the type of glass you use and the size of the doors that are fitted. As a result, it can be tricky to figure out just how much the final price will be without first considering each aspect of your bifold door design.

A bifold door, sometimes styled as bi-fold door, is an ancient type of door design that maximises the available space in an area and increases the potential visibility into a room or outside space. They are common as exterior doors in a conservatory or as an opening onto a patio.

The simple way to get an accurate estimate for your bifold door installation project is to contact us for a free survey. As an industry-leading authority in bifold door fitting, we will be glad to assist you in every aspect of your design.

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What affects the cost of my bifold doors?

We only stock the most beautiful high-quality products. By focussing on quality, we make sure the outcome of your project is the best it can be and that they will last a long time. Our selection of bifold doors will be appealing to you for their range of customisable features and the natural light they bring into a space.

The price of your bifold door installation will depend on a range of things, including what glazing option you choose. A double-glazed bifold door will tend to cost more, for example, as it uses more pieces of glass.

The considerations we take into account when determining how much your bifold doors will cost to install include the following:

  • The materials you choose: The type of material you choose for your bifold door will affect the cost. Aluminium, for example, is a relatively cheap material in comparison to steel. It all depends on what you would like to achieve in your design. Some people choose materials that are plastic or timber, which may make the price a bit lower and also has advantages including energy-efficiency and insulation – which is why people in colder climates commonly choose them.
  • The size of your installation: Bifold doors suggest that there will be only two doors, but the truth is that there could be a great many panels depending on the size of your door. A door opening up to an extended patio, in a kitchen for example, will commonly consist of four or more panels. Each of these will add an additional cost and will affect the final price of your installation.
  • The glazing on your glass panels: You have a range of options when it comes to the glazing in your bifold door. The completely open feeling and natural light that bifold doors provide can make considerations such as temperature a bit more important, in which case double-glazed glass panels may be necessary. As these use more glass, this will add to the cost.

We always try to keep costs down wherever possible, however the reality is that many exterior doors will require extra features such as double-glazed glass panels for them to be effective. People commonly choose a bifold door for their conservatory, which requires extensive insulation in the winter to make them livable. As a result, thicker glazing is necessary and this will affect the price.

As experts in providing top-class installations of doors and windows with an array of finishes we have seen many types of project. To get a better idea of the kind of work that we do, and how the final outcome will look when you choose us, take a look at some of our popular case studies.

Why to choose bifold doors in your home to improve living space

Having a bifold door fitted in your home can make a significant impact on the effectiveness of your living space. When you choose them as exterior doors, you invite the outside in and this can create a sense of flow and airiness that is highly desirable in warmer weather.

Even in the winter months, the natural light and large amounts of glass in a bifold door will invite the outside feeling into the room. It is a sensation of being completely open to the world but, with double-glazed doors, you will not have the cold or other effects of weather in the living space.

Some of the advantages of a bifold door, and the main reasons people want us to install them in their design projects, include the following:

  • A range of design options and customisation: The ability to choose from a selection of materials, such as aluminium or timber, means a bifold door can fit discreetly into any type of location. In period properties or those in a conservation area, this can be very important. They can also be fitted into spaces of varying sizes, which can be quite different in certain types of houses.
  • A secure and weatherproof design: We discuss a little bit about the sense of inviting the outside in above, but with our installations we use the latest hardware and locking systems to make sure they are secure. This is important in some areas such as doors on ground level or in busier areas. Bifold doors are also weatherproof and will keep cold out while maximising natural light.
  • Connecting spaces: A regular door does not have quite the same ability to connect rooms and outdoor spaces. When a bifold door is fully open and folded into the side of the frame it creates the illusion that there is no door there at all. As exterior doors, choosing a bifold option will create an extra feeling of space.

Bifold doors are functional and provide a lot of benefits in terms of their ability to work in a variety of settings. Something that many people enjoy about them is the look they have, they can be very appealing to look at if you pick the most appropriate design for your building. There is a subtlety to them too, and they add a modern look from both inside and outside.

We always use high-quality products, no matter what type of product we install. As part of our commitment to quality, we also choose sustainable materials for our bifold doors. We use energy-saving eco-glazing and if you choose a timber design in your installation it will come from a sustainable source.

How to book a free survey to find out how much your bifold doors will cost

You might have a huge project for multiple exterior doors opening out onto several patios in your house, or perhaps you just have a small balcony that requires a door. Either way, it is difficult to estimate the price yourself, so you can contact us for a free survey and we will give you an accurate estimate.

Bifold doors are functional and aesthetic, which makes them an extremely popular choice. The combination of form and function is a valuable thing for many of our clients.

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