The Top 10 Ways to Decorate Your Sash Windows for Christmas

Christmas is coming! Supermarkets are stocking mince pies, Christmas-themed adverts are on television and the weather is turning colder, teasing us with the possibility of snow.

As Christmas races its way towards us and we all rush to purchase gifts, stock the fridge and buy a tree, the excitement of festive decorating takes over. However, there is always one area of the home that people neglect when decorating their house for Christmas and that is the windows. Your sash windows are a wonderful focal point for those festive decorations and can really transform your property. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 ways to decorate your sash windows for Christmas.

1. Brighten Your Windows with Light

When it comes to Christmas, candles and fairy lights are welcome additions and can help add warmth to your home. Why not adorn your windowsill with fir twigs, tree ornaments or Christmas decorations and arrange candles on the window-sill to light the scene. Hanging string lights over your windows can complete the aesthetics, illuminating your sash windows in Christmassy goodness.

Fairy Lights

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2. Festive Bauballs

Everybody loves adding bauballs to their Christmas tree. They are wonderful for adding a dash of colour. So, why not hang bauballs from your sash windows? It may seem odd but hanging bauballs from your sash windows is a lovely decoration and helps add that festive touch to your property.


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3. Window-Friendly Markers

Most shops sell window-friendly markers and they are great fun when it comes to decorating your sash windows. Add the Christmas festivities to your home by drawing Christmas-themed illustrations on your sash windows, such as reindeer, santa, snow or fun Christmas sayings. This is a lovely activity that is fun for all the family and the markers easily wash off your sash windows once the festivities are over.

Window Markers

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4. Everybody Loves Bunting

I love bunting. Seriously, it’s super cute and is a great addition to any birthday event, wedding or Christmas celebration. You can either buy your bunting pre-made or make it yourself. Bunting is a fun way to liven up your windows in time for Christmas. It adds colour and style and will attract the gaze of passer-by’s as they marvel at your festive decorations.

Christmas Bunting

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5. Festive Snowflakes

If you have kids and you need to occupy them during the hectic Christmas holidays leading up to the big day, why not keep them busy with festive snowflakes? Making paper slow flakes is a simple task that keeps kids busy for hours – or as long as their attention spans allow. Once finished, you can hang their unique snowflakes from your sash windows so that it’s snowing inside. This Christmas decoration is fun for all the family.

Festive Snowflakes

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6. Paper Forest

For a more complex paper cutting challenge, why not cut out your very own paper forest? Placing a couple of layers of trees, with the addition of a deer or two, can create the illusion of a real forest – especially when you add tealights between the layers. This is a beautiful addition to any sash window sill and looks lovely with the lights turned off.

Paper Forest

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7. The Traditional Christmas Wreath

If you like a traditional Christmas, the Christmas wreath is a wonderful addition to your sash windows. If you are organised enough, you could even hang multiple smaller wreaths to create a unique window decoration your friends and family will be jealous of.

Traditional Christmas Wreath

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8. Hang Your Stockings

If you don’t have a fireplace or a mantel from which to hang stockings, why not hang them from your sash windows? Stockings hanging in the window can add a lovely focal point to any room and they also let Santa know to pay your house a visit.

Christmas Stockings

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9. Pinecone Garlands

Pinecones can be found everywhere on the leadup to Christmas and can make a great sash window garland. All you need is a bunch of pinecones – you can spray paint them if you want – and string. String the pinecones together and hang them from your sash windows and there you have it, a simple but lovely Christmas decoration.

Pinecone Garland

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10. Christmas Scents

Nothing beats the feeling of coming home from a long day out shopping in the cold weather to a home smelling sweetly of cinnamon and dried fruits. You can make a garland of dried fruits and cinnamon sticks easily and hang it from your sash windows. Another benefit of these is that they tend to keep out spiders, as they are repelled by the smell. Double bonus!

Christmas Scents

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Let’s Get Festive!

I hope the above suggestions have got you in the mood for Christmas, after all, it is just around the corner. I am so looking forward to the festivities as much as I do every year and am super keen to get decorating my very own sash windows. I would love to see how you decorate your home for Christmas, so please feel free to post pictures of your festive sash windows in the comments below! I look forward to seeing your Christmassy creations!