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Thank you for visiting the Sash Windows London Ltd Blog. My name is Francesca Coleman Carr, and I'm the director of Sash Windows London Ltd. I'm passionate about my work and I love nothing better than to write and pass on my knowledge about the industry. Please feel free to read any of my articles, and I always appreciate feedback, so would love it if you could leave me a comment. You can also find me on Twitter @FranColemanCarr.

Scholarship Program 2017


Sash Windows Scholarship Program 2017 – Deadline October 31st 2017 The world of business can be tough, not only for women, but for anyone that doesn’t come from a background where…

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How to Make Window ‘Glass’ from Wood


Wood has always been the best and most flexible building material, despite the dominance of metal. Being strong, lightweight (for the most part) and easily available all over the world, I…