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Thank you for visiting the Sash Windows London Ltd Blog. My name is Francesca Coleman Carr, and I'm the director of Sash Windows London Ltd. I'm passionate about my work and I love nothing better than to write and pass on my knowledge about the industry. Please feel free to read any of my articles, and I always appreciate feedback, so would love it if you could leave me a comment. You can also find me on Twitter @FranColemanCarr.

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I Am Running the London Marathon


Over the years, I have been so incredibly inspired by those of you who partake in the London Marathon. People’s efforts, despite complete exhaustion, to push on to the finish…

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The 5 Most Heritage Rich Areas in London


London is one of the most glorious cities in England. Not only is it the central hub with its world-renowned entertainment, restaurants, theatres, historical sites, and architecture but it is…