The 5 Most Heritage Rich Areas in London

London is one of the most glorious cities in England. Not only is it the central hub with its world-renowned entertainment, restaurants, theatres, historical sites, and architecture but it is full of rich heritage. I love exploring cities that are rich in heritage. They are often brimming with stunning architecture and cobbled streets. But most common of all they have sash windows in abundance! So, I have made a list of the 5 most heritage rich areas in London. Of course, it was difficult to narrow it down to just five so I have chosen my personal favourites. Enjoy!

Camden Lock

Camden Lock started life as a handful of craft workshops by the Regent’s Canal and has now evolved to become one of the world’s most famous markets and one of London’s main creative hubs. An iconic retail destination for shoppers far and wide, Camden Lock is a wonderfully historic area of London and every year around 28 million visitors descend to the waterside retail site to experience its unique and quirky atmosphere.

Camden Lock was founded by childhood friends and business partners, Dr Bill Fulford and Peter Wheeler. In the early 1972 they bought the old run-down timber yard, as it was then, and transformed the site into the famous Camden Lock Market you see today. By the mid-80’s, The Daily Express named Camden Lock ‘London’s trendiest Sunday hang-out’.


Most of Mayfair was first developed between the mid-17th century and the mid-18th century as a fashionable residential district by a number of landlords and, as a result, many buildings in Mayfair date from the Georgian period. Its elegant squares and streets were designed at the beginning of the 18th century by a handful of powerful landowners, including the Grosvenor family. Before the Second World War, Mayfair was London’s premier residential address. However, during the war, heavy bombing in the city forced many businesses to relocate to Mayfair. From the mid-1990’s these buildings began reverting back to residential use and once again Mayfair became London’s most exclusive address.


Westminster is the political heart of London. There are plenty of historical sights to take in, including the homes of the Prime Minister and Queen Elizabeth ll, as well as the houses of Parliament. You can also tour the stunning Westminster Abbey and snap creative pictures of the world-famous Big Ben clock tower. There are so many more historical attractions to list. Westminster is certainly an area rich in heritage and a must for any London visitor.

Notting Hill

Ah, Notting Hill, the famous setting of the film by the same name starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. However, although the film made Notting Hill famous and certainly increased its popularity, that is not all that this area of London is known for. The main claim to Notting Hill’s fame is the Portobello Market that takes place every Saturday. You can virtually find anything and everything. This market is a bustling hive of activity full of antiques, clothes, street food, crafts, jewellery and much more. The houses in Notting Hill are also stunning with their vibrant colours and stunning windows. If you are a lover of all things colourful and uploading stylish pictures to Instagram, then a visit to Notting Hill is a must to capture those coveted snaps.

Hyde Park

Not all of London is crowded with people, statues, shops, museums and famous homes. For some people, they come to London to have a taste of the country life. It may seem unusual but London has gorgeous parks within the city. Hyde Park is one of London’s most famous parks. You can walk around this park, boat, or even horse ride here. Often, passionate visionaries will get out their soap box and rant about whatever they want to whoever will listen, as part of Speaker’s Corner on Sundays. Hyde Park is an area of gentle grand splendour. It is home to some very wealthy residents, as is displayed by the stunning homes on show and the gorgeous architecture. If you are visiting London, Hyde Park is one to add to the list!

Final Words

London has a beautiful history and heritage that is celebrated most notably in its architecture. Here at Sash Windows we aim to maintain the historical elements of your home by replacing or fitting your sash windows. That’s just our way of adding some rich heritage to your home. What have been some of your favourite places to explore in London? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!