Our furniture collection incorporates a vast assortment of window and door furniture ranging from traditional classical designs to the latest designer styles. We do a range of different finishes depending on the product you choose including satin chrome and chrome also a selection of antique black and brass ironmongery complete the look.

Furniture Gallery

Door: Spy hole
Sash Window: Angel lock and strikeplate
Sash Window: D handle
Casement Window: Stay
Doors: Doctors Door Knocker
Sash Window: Sash lock & keep
Timber beehive lock
Sash Window: Hook lift
Casement Window: Monkey tail handle
Door: Ring knocker
Door: Round centre door knob
Timber Window: Casement handles
Door: Standard door chain
Sash Windows: Standard fitch fastener
PVCU casement window: Standard handle
Door: Balmoral swan handle
Timber Window: Vent lock & strikeplate
Door: Victorian knocker
Heritage sash window: Fitch lock
Door: Balmoral lever handle
Casement Window: Swan handle