What is a Window Sash and Why is it Essential?

Sash windows are a beautiful feature of any property and provide significant benefits for homeowners. So, it’s important to understand as much as possible about them, their components, and how they work.

The window sash is one of the most important parts of your window. A window sash is the part of the window that contains the glass panel and opens and closes. Depending on the type of window you have installed in your property, there could be more than one window sash that is functional.

What Makes Up a Window Sash?

Window sash, the feature of any property

Typically, sash windows have a very basic design structure and are worked using the sash cord. The overall sash is set in a window frame that is specifically designed to be placed inside the window casement. Within the sash frame sits the glass windowpane. Then, the sash locks into the window frame on a set of runners, allowing it to be moved up and down. The sash window frame usually has a locking system, providing extra safety and security for your property.

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Keep Your Home Secure with Working Sashes

Another reason it is important to ensure your window sashes are working properly is for safety and security reasons. If the locks on your windows are broken, damaged, or just not functioning anymore, this poses a major security threat. Without functioning locks, anyone could break into your home with ease. What’s more, if you have children, window openings that are not controlled can be very unsafe. So, keep your home secure with working sashes.

Why are Window Sashes Important?

The window sash is the most crucial element of your window. It affects the overall performance and durability of your sash windows and, if it isn’t working properly, it could lead to numerous problems – particularly draughts and leaks. So, it is important that your window sashes are kept in good working order.

The Different Types

Sash Windows
As we’ve already mentioned above, not all windows have the same types of window sashes. Depending on the type of window you have, your window sashes could be constructed differently. Below, we have outlined the different ways window sashes operate on each window type.

Double Hung Windows

These feature two operating window sashes that are opened by sliding up and down. Very easy to clean and maintain, double hung sash windows are a popular choice for many homeowners. Double hung windows also have the added benefit of promoting good airflow and ventilating a property effectively.

Sliding Sash Windows

These sashes open and close horizontally. To make it even simpler, sliding sash windows are the same as double hung, except they are just flipped horizontally.

Casement Windows

These sashes operate differently to the traditional window sash. Casement windows operate on a crank system and open either outwards or to the left or right. The sash is connected to the window’s crank system, rather than being set in the frame along a track.

How to Tell If Your Window Sash is Broken

front sash window

It is easy to tell whether your window sash is broken or damaged as your window sash is hard to open and close, sticking along the tracks. This common issue could signify that you have an alignment problem with your windows. Generally, fixing alignment issues can be done. However, if the problem does persist, you should consider replacing your windows.

How to Find the Right Window Sash

When buying sash windows for your home, it’s important you invest in a quality sash. As the window sash is such a key component of the window’s overall structure and integrity, it is important to ensure the sashes are well-constructed. You should also take into account the weather extremes that may occur in your area. Timber window sashes are more susceptible to the ravages of bad weather and time than alternatives such as UPVC.

How to You Maintain a Window Sash?

If you want to keep a window sash working as it should, you need to maintain it properly. Learning how to care for your sash windows through proper window cleaning and general maintenance will keep windows in good condition. However, if you have older sash windows on your property, they might need a little more care and maintenance to keep them in good condition. One of the many charms of sash windows is their appearance. So, homeowners often work hard to keep them looking their best.

When to Replace Your Window Sash

Sash Window Replacement

Knowing when to replace your sash windows can be difficult. However, when window sashes are extremely damaged, affecting the overall function and security of your windows, it is essential you get them replaced. At Sash Windows London ltd, we provide full sash window replacements. All our windows are double glazed and are specifically designed to suit the needs of our customers. We sell and install:

We replaced the whole window and frame, rather than just restoring the existing box. So, you can be assured your new windows will last for many years to come. What’s more, our quality sash window replacements come in a choice of engineered hardwood or Scandinavian slow grown pine, to ensure longevity and strength.

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