Success Secrets From The Most Influential Entrepreneurs


I’ve always had a bit of entrepreneurial spirit and I’ve carried that through to my working life at Sash Windows London Ltd. I enjoy writing my blog, and as well as writing about things in the sash windows industry, I like to pass on my knowledge about life as an entrepreneur, and in particular, life as a female entrepreneur. So, with that in mind I took to Twitter recently and asked all the entrepreneur influencers that I’m following, what they consider to be the secret of their success.

I’ve been hoping to gain some insight into what it takes to be successful, and whether successful entrepreneurs have certain things in common. This is by no means a complete post as I will add to it every time I get a new comment from an entrepreneur I admire. But for now take a look through the below quotes from successful influencers, and see if you can see any common patterns of behaviour that may help in your success.


john rampton

John Rampton is a successful entrepreneur and connector. He is the founder of @Due and blogs about successes and epic failures for @Entrepreneur @TechCrunch and @Mashable.

John’s secret to success: “Biggest thing that’s helped me is truly helping others without expecting anything in return. It’s led to a lot of my success.”

shep hyken

Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, keynote speaker and NYT bestselling author. He helps companies deliver AMAZING customer service experiences!

Shep’s secret to success: “My one thing I attribute most to my success is a disciplined work ethic. I create habits, doing the same thing every day, every week, every month. As simple as getting up in the morning, making 100 calls a week, writing two articles a week, etc. I found the habits that contributed to my success, and they I relentlessly practiced them.”

lori richardson

Lori Richardson is a top sales influencer & strategist. She never confuses activity with results. She offers EKG for sales teams.

Lori’s secret to success: “Set big goals, and never give up. The real power is in taking actions every single day that lead you to your goals. Never give up.”

mark schafer

Mark Schaefer is a top social media keynote speaker, author, & consultant who specialises in digital transformation. He has five best-selling marketing books, a marketing companion podcast and is a college educator.

Marks’s secret to success: “Endurance”

pat flynn

Pat Flynn leads by example, is honest and holds nothing back. Owner of

Pat’s secret to success: “Failing fast”

murry newlands

Murray Newlands is a major contributor Forbes and Entrepreneur Mag.

Murray’s secret to success: “Learn quickly which ideas make money.”

till zier

Till Zier is co-Founder and managing director of Social Trademark and is a product guy and wisdom seeker.

Till’s secret to success: “I would say “persistency”. Being an entrepreneur is no sprint, it’s running an iron man.”

Jim Joseph

Jim Joseph is a president Americas & chief integrated marketing officer. he’s the author of The Experience Effect and Out And About Dad.

Jim’s secret to success: “When I look at people, I see potential. I see growth, learning new skills, and stretching beyond boundaries. I see people for the best they can be, and they’ve helped me to be the best I can be.”

david meerman scott

David Meerman Scott is a marketing and sales strategist, keynote speaker, and bestselling author of 10 books including The New Rules of Marketing & PR and Newsjacking.

David’s secret to success: “Following my own path and trusting my instincts.”

madalyn sklar

Madalyn Sklar is ranked #1 Houston Social Media, is a host on #TwitterSmarter chat Thursdays 1pm ET & Podcast and weekly at #SocialROI chat.

Madalyn’s secret to success: “The one thing I have found to be the secret to my success is consistency. People refer to me as the Twitter marketing expert. I have become this by being consistent on Twitter. I use it every day. I tweet a lot, I share a lot and I connect with people every day. Apply consistency to anything it is you’re doing in business and in life and you will have great success.”