Sash Window Draught Proofing: The Most Effective Solution

Having draughty sash windows can be a very expensive problem, losing your home energy and causing your bills to rise. However, draughty windows aren’t something you need to struggle with – there is a solution!

You’ve Noticed a Draught in Your Home

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Have you noticed that your homes takes ages to heat up? Are you constantly increasing the thermostat temperature in the hopes your home will get warmer? Well, you could be paying out huge amounts on your heating bills only to have the heat escape out gaps in your sash windows. Having a draughty home can be a very expensive problem. So, it’s important you fix the issue as soon as possible.

Where is the Draught Coming from?

If you notice there’s a draught in your home, it’s important to work out where it is coming from. The best way to locate a draught is by using a lit candle. Simply run the flame around the edges of each window you suspect of being draughty. When the flame moves, it’s because of a draught being pushed around by the incoming air. Once you know where the draught is coming from, you know which window is causing the problem.

What is the Best Sash Window Draught Solution?

Old and single glazed sash windows are notoriously draughty. The best solution to sash window draught proofing is a professional window replacement. Brand new sash windows are properly sealed, double glazed, secure, and long-lasting – keeping your home draught-free and comfortable.

At Sash Windows London, we replace old, single-glazed, and poor performance sash windows with our quality products. We supply a range of energy-efficient, beautiful, and traditional sash windows in UPVC and timber. So, we’re sure you’ll find something that works for you. Below are the sash windows we sell and install:

To discuss your sash window replacement, speak to our expert team today. We would be more than happy to answer your questions and advise you on the best option for your home. Replace your draughty sash windows today and enjoy a home that is comfortable, secure, and beautiful all year round.

What Causes Sash Window Draughts?

Woollen socks and a hot drink to stay warmDraughts occur in your home when there are unwanted gaps around your windows, between floorboards, or where areas have been left uncovered. There are some common causes of draughty sash windows and we’ve listed them below. Find out what could be causing the draughts in your home!

Broken or Ineffective Window Locks

Many sash windows let in draughts because they have broken locks. If your windows aren’t locking properly, when the window blows they may rattle, creating small gaps for air to get into your home. You can test whether air is coming into your home by putting your hand near the window edges. If your window is properly shut and locked, you should not be able to feel any fresh air coming in. If you do feel a breeze, your window may not be locking properly.

Window Seals that are Old or Damaged

If you have UPVC sash windows, there will be a seal around the sash. Over time the seal can weaken, becoming damaged and ineffective. To check the state of your sash window seal, open the window and run your hand the whole way around the edge. Check whether the seal is loose anywhere or visibly damaged. Causes of window seal failure are:

  • Wear and tear over time
  • Build-up of mould
  • Windows that aren’t made to withstand the elements
  • Poor window installation

Window seals very rarely need to be replaced, unless your windows are very old or the seals themselves have become damaged. On UPVC windows, the seals can shrink back over time, leaving a gap between the sash and the glazing. This can cause water and air to get into your home. If you’re struggling with draughts, always check the window seals.

Your Windows Don’t Close Properly

Another factor to consider is whether your sash window is closing properly or not. If the sash is not closely squarely with the window frame, it will be leaving a gap and this will cause a draught. Take the time to check your sash window is closing properly. Check around the edge to ensure the sash is touching the seal the whole way around the window. Every edge and corner should line up with the other so there are no gaps for air to get in.

Your Windows Have Been Poorly Installed

If your windows have been installed poorly, you’ll be able to feel draughts coming from them because they don’t fit in the opening properly. Installing windows isn’t something that should be considered lightly. It’s a job for the professionals. Having your windows installed by an inexperienced individual or, even worse, as part of your own DIY project will result in numerous problems. You must have all window installations carried out by installation experts so that problems like draughts and poor security can be avoided.

Say Goodbye to Draughty Sash Windows

Draught-proof your windows and say goodbye to a draughty home. Draught-proofing your windows could save you a significant amount of money. What’s more, your home will be comfortable to live in whatever the weather! If you ever feel a draught coming from your windows, it’s time for a replacement. Any other draught-proofing solution is only temporary and could end up costing you extra in money and energy bills.

So, invest in a quality window replacement and take the stress out of draughty windows. Our team of sash window specialists will help find the perfect sash windows for your property.