How to Get a Replacement FENSA Certificate for Your Property

The Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme, or FENSA, is a government authorised scheme that monitors Building Regulation compliance for replacement window and door installations. For every installation carried out by a FENSA-approved contractor, a certificate should be issued to the homeowner as proof of compliance. But what happens if you are never offered one, or you lose the one you have? How do you get a replacement FENSA certificate after the fact?

On this page, we have set out some quick, helpful advice and information on what to do if you need a replacement FENSA certificate for any reason. By reading on and following it, you should soon have all the information you need to prove to your local authorities that your home improvement works are up to standard.

How to Get a Replacement FENSA Certificate

There are two methods of getting a replacement FENSA certificate: online or through the post. To reorder your FENSA certificate online, all you will need to do is go to their website and ask for one there. When you enter the website, click on the link at the top that says “Certificates” and scroll down until you come to a box that allows you to type in your postcode, house number or name, and the FENSA certificate ID number if you know this. 

FENSA should be able to provide you with a replacement certificate, if your details are all correct and the work was carried out by a FENSA-approved contractor. This replacement will then be paid for online as well.

If you would prefer to reorder your certificate through the post, you will need to post a cheque to FENSA, along with a covering letter that includes the following information:

  • The full company name and business address of the FENSA-registered company used to complete the work
  • The full name of the homeowner and address of where the installation took place, including its postcode

In the event that the replacement certificate needs to be posted to a different address to the one previously detailed, this will need to be included as well. Simply write it in with the rest of the information you need to provide.

Once you have written out everything FENSA will need to know to help you locate a copy of your certificate, it will need to be posted to the following address:

Attn: Operations


Newspaper House

40 Rushworth Street

London SE1 0RB

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Replacement FENSA Certificate?

If you choose to reorder a FENSA certificate online, you will be expected to pay £25, including VAT, and it will have to be done on either a credit or debit card. The cost of ordering a replacement certificate via the post is slightly higher; the cheque will need to be £30, which includes VAT and an administration charge.

Why Might FENSA Not Find Your Certificate?

There are a few circumstances in which FENSA’s website might not find your details, or your certificate. If your address and postcode have been typed in correctly and you know the work was carried out by a FENSA-approved contractor, the website might not bring back the results you want if:

  • The job included more than just replacing windows and doors
  • The windows and doors you have replaced are inside the property
  • The installation company is a FENSA-approved company now, but was not approved at the time
  • The installation company didn’t notify FENSA when the work was complete

How Should You Normally Obtain a FENSA Certificate?

Normally, you will be provided with a FENSA certificate once a FENSA-approved contractor has completed work on your property that involves replacement windows, doors, roof windows, and roof lights. This acts as proof that the work carried out complies with Building Regulations and that energy efficient materials were used during the installation process.

If you have only just bought your property, meaning you were not the owner when the installation work was complete, the previous homeowner should have given you the document once the sale was finalised. 

What Happens if You’re Not Offered a FENSA Certificate?

Any FENSA-approved contractor should provide you with certification once the work is complete. However, if they do not mention that you are responsible for registration and do not offer you certification (or any other legitimate certification of compliance), then you will need to pay for an inspection from Building Control. 

Building Control inspections ensure that any work carried follows the guidelines set out in the Building Regulations, as the proof of this would normally be provided right away by FENSA certificates. If any problems are found with the work, or if there are problems with your original contractor and you cannot call them back to rectify the mistake, you may need to hire new contractors or double glazing installers to do the work instead. 

You may also have to delay your plans if you are intent on selling your property. A house cannot be sold if any new, relevant installations are not covered by a FENSA certificate or a legitimate equivalent certificate of compliance (such as one offered by Certass). This is owed to the fact that you need evidence that the features of your property legally comply with Building Regulations. It is also illegal to fit windows and doors with double glazing in a property without certification.

If you do not obtain the proper certification, it is also possible to face fines and prosecution.

For a FENSA-Approved Installation of Windows or Doors

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