Sash Windows Energy Efficient

Straightforward draught-proofing

Over time wooden frameworks can become warped and old poorly fitted window frames can sometimes be draughty. But with a bit of planning and foresight sash windows can actually reduce the quantity of heat loss compared to normal double glazing. At sash windows we fit our windows with beads, weather strips and draught excluders to keep all draughts out.

Drapes & Curtains

Heat may be lost through the glass but research has revealed that heavy drapes or even close fitting roller blinds can cut the quantity of heat loss.

Secondary glazing

Secondary glazing adds a window frame and another sheet of glass, letting you keep your sash windows style without making unapealing alterations. Double glazing, on the other hand, always means replacing the windows. This can be damaging to the character of your house, especially if the first window pattern is no longer followed by replacement windows.


During the 20th century the growing access to low-cost heat meant that shutters were often used. They were frequently painted over or removed completely. Not only do shutters first seem aesthetically  appealing, but if they match nicely they are able to perform in addition to double glazing.

Retaining sash windows

Sash windows give historic character to a building. Some of the first lumber sash windows were made of really high quality wood rarely discovered today and so it’d be a waste to replace them.
Whatโ€™s more, making new plastic windows can use more energy and they are non biodegradable. Taking at least one of the precautions to enhance your sash windowsโ€™ energy consumption and keep the character will keep your house looking execptional while reducing your energy bills.