Our Selection of Composite Doors in London

Composite doors differ from regular doors in, fittingly, their composition. They are made using a range of different materials, including wood, foam, glass-reinforced plastic, and uPVC โ€“ all of which bring with them a whole host of benefits, but most importantly they form an incredibly durable surface, perfect for use in front doors. 

Thanks to their multi-composition, our composite doors can be made in a wide range of colours and designs, with a whole host of finish options too. We want your style to shine through, especially for your entrance doors.

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How Secure Is a Composite Door?

The answer: very. The hardwearing nature of composite doors comes from the fact they are laced with strong and durable materials. Couple that with our multi-point locks and you have a door that will grant you the peace of mind a standard wooden front door, on its own, cannot. Composite doors provide a high-security option for everyday peopleโ€™s homes.

How Much Does a Composite Door Cost?

As with any bespoke item, our composite doors will vary in price depending on the style, colour, and finish you choose. If you are looking to start your home improvements as soon as possible and need an estimate, you can contact us at any time and we will put together an online quote for you. When you buy a composite door with Sash Windows London Ltd. you are paying for a:

  • Hassle-free installation: Most suppliers handle the production but leave the installation to you, however with Sash Windows London Ltd. we cover both. Once your bespoke composite door is made, we will deliver it to your London property and our team will see to the removal of your old door and the installation of your new one.

  • High-security solution: All of the composite doors we supply across London come with our multi-point locking systems and the sturdiest double glazing options. For the most secure choice for your entryways, our composite doors have you and your home covered.

Energy-efficient option: Thanks to their hardwearing composition, our composite doors are an extremely thermally efficient choice. Your entrance door is where most heat is lost in your home, due to its front-facing nature and constant use. So a composite door is a smart choice for keeping the heat in and lowering your energy bills as a result.

How We Guarantee Your Composite Doors in London

All of our doors are covered by a three-tier guarantee which includes 30 years for any potential decay; 10 years for fitting, glazing, PVCU, and finishes; and 5 years for ironmongery. When you buy from us, we want to not only deliver the highest quality doors that will last, but also true peace of mind โ€“ย  so we make sure that you are covered from all angles.

Your Choice for Composite Doors in London

We are the marketโ€™s leading suppliers of high-quality and bespoke composite front doors in London. When you buy a composite door from Sash Windows London Ltd., you are fully supported every step of the way โ€“ and by the end, you will have an expertly crafted front door that has been made to your exact specification and expertly fitted at a time that suits you.

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