Common Problems with UPVC Sash Windows that are Aged and Poorly Fitted

Sash windows are one of the best ways of adding a little Victorian charm to your property. An attractive option for many homeowners, sash windows do a wonderful job at improving property aesthetics, raising property values, and increasing home security.

If you’re shopping for UPVC sash windows, you will come across two common material types: timber and UPVC. While timber is a traditional option, it isn’t always the most affordable choice. UPVC, in contrast, is much more affordable, providing the aesthetics and benefits of timber at a reduced cost.

Are There Any Negatives to Having UPVC Sash Windows Installed?

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At Sash Windows London Ltd, we know that UPVC is one of the most popular window materials. The UPVC sash windows we sell are some of our most popular. We also have a team of expert installers who will install your UPVC sash windows so they function effectively and last for many years to come.

So, are there any negatives to having UPVC sash windows installed? Many people assume UPVC causes numerous problems for homeowners. However, the only reason there would be problems with upvc sash windows is down to poor installation and age. Let’s take a look at common problems caused by these two issues.

UPVC Windows that Don’t Open and Close Properly

One of the most common problems with poorly fitted or old UPVC windows is difficulty opening and closing. Often, the hinges become encased in dirt and grit. This can build up over time, causing your windows to become stiff and ineffective. If the windows in your home aren’t opening or closing properly, it may mean they need a thorough clean and a bit of lubrication to get them working properly again.

Condensation Forming on Windows

Condensation on window

Condensation on UPVC windows is caused by contrasting temperatures between the inside of your property and the temperature outside. UPVC windows that are working correctly will reduce the likelihood of condensation forming on glass panes and window frames. However, UPVC windows that are old, damaged, or failing will be far more susceptible to condensation.

There are many causes of condensation on UPVC windows and there are many ways to reduce the problem. However, the best solution is to have your windows replaced by with high-quality UPVC by expert fitters.

How to reduce condensation on your windows.

UPVC Window Frames Turning Yellow with Time

Have you noticed that your UPVC window frames are turning yellow? This is a very common problem and is caused by extensive UV exposure. As your UPVC windows age, they are exposed to UV radiation. Over long periods of time, this can cause the plastic frames to turn yellow.

Yellowing UPVC window frames is why you should stay away from recycled plastic window frames and avoid second-hand windows. Always have your UPVC professionally manufactured and fitted. This will ensure your windows last for many years to come without any signs of wear and tear. Having our UPVC windows installed means it’s very unlikely your window frames will turn yellow. We’re all about providing quality products at affordable prices.

Misty Inside Double Glazed Units

One of the most obvious signs you UPVC windows need replacing is that they are becoming misty inside the double glazing units. What’s happened is the seal has failed and the gas has leaked out, becoming replaced with moist air. If you notice your sash windows are misty, they are inefficient at retaining heat or preventing heat loss and must be replaced. Don’t wait around to have your windows replaced, this could cost you a lot of money in wasted energy. Instead, call our experts for your double glazed window replacement.

Poor Window Installation Can Cause Serious Problems

Newly built house

If you paid attention to the homes you walk by, how many windows would be ill-fitting, old, or damaged? Incredibly, it’s possible that the majority of windows in the UK would not be suitable for the homes they’re serving.

There are many windows across the UK that are badly-fitted or incorrectly installed. This can cause serious problems, including gaps for draughts, ease of access for thieves, damage to window frames,  and windows that need replacing far sooner. Poor installation causes the majority of UPVC window problems, so it’s essential you have your UPVC windows professionally installed.

Consider the Age of Your UPVC Windows

One of the main causes of problems with UPVC sash windows is age. Unless you had your UPVC window fitted recently, it can be difficult to tell how old they are. It is generally agreed that a sealed glass unit should last for around 20 years before it started to fail. However, poorly installed windows will fail much earlier than this. The main reason UPVC windows fail as they age is due to the sealant becoming less effective. Over time, the seals will be unable to cope, making your UPVC sash windows completely ineffective.

What’s more, if your windows were fitted before 2007, they will only have an energy-efficiency rating of ‘C’. So, it’s important you consider the age of your UPVC windows to ensure you’re not suffering with problems caused by ageing windows.

Have New UPVC Window Installed by Our Team

UPVC Sash Windows

At Sash Windows London, we sell and install two UPVC sash window designs:

Contemporary Sliding Sash: this UPVC window is virtually maintenance-free – perfect if you have very little time on your hands. Our sliding sash windows operate by two sashes in an outer frame that work independently of each other. Made to mimic the appearance of traditional box sash windows, the contemporary sliding sash is a great choice for any home.

Heritage Sliding Sash: made to replicate traditional timber box sash windows, our UPVC heritage sliding sashes are another popular choice. Our Heritage Range has been specifically designed for sensitive conservation areas or properties where maintaining traditional aesthetics is important.

If you are interested in having our sash windows installed, speak to a member of our team. We would be more than happy to help you find the perfect UPVC sash windows.

The Benefits of Having UPVC Windows Installed by Us

If you’ve been struggling with  old or poorly fitted UPVC sash windows, speak to our team. At Sash Windows London, we install a variety of high-quality, long-lasting, and gorgeous UPVC sash windows. Our team of professional installers will ensure the installation is carried out to an expert standard. If you have your UPVC sash windows replaced or installed by our team, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • 10-year workmanship warranty
  • 10-year UPVC/PVCU warranty
  • 5-year hardware warranty
  • 10-year glazing warranty

Enjoy the benefits of UPVC sash windows that fit well, work effectively, and look gorgeous all day every day.

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