Wiseton Road, Wandsworth

Houses around Wandsworth Common are in what is known as the ‘Toast Rack’ and are large Victorian semis and detached homes, some with blue plaques denoting notable residents who previously lived there. There are many ’boutique’ shops along Bellevue Road, surrounded by up-market Victorian/Edwardian housing.

This picture-perfect family home sits just off Wandsworth Common. The family who undertook the extensive work wanted to make the property more workable and have much more of an open plan feel.

“Beginning in late 2015, we renovated the house from scratch, embarking on a six-month project to turn it into a more family friendly home, removing walls and opening up the living areas”

The property had original single glazed windows and doors, which let in a lot of noises and draughts, making it a cold and noisy place to spend time especially with Bellevue Road on their doorstep, convenient as it maybe. Deciding that changing the windows and doors would be a crucial part of the renovation project, the couple undertook extensive research to find the right products, whilst the changes being made didn’t require any specific authority permissions, they were set on sash windows with the best acoustic values they could achieve.

Traditional timber sash windows in an off-white finish with acoustic glazing, along with an attractive engineered French green timber front door were chosen to suit both the house and its leafy setting.

“Our windows and doors have totally transformed our house, not only the look of the property has dramatically improved but the road noise has almost disappeared. We had our doubts that the windows would not make much of a difference as we had been told by a friend the sound would still travel through the bricks however, we were so impressed with the level of noise reduction. The team who installed were helpful throughout and any issues that arose they worked around them to suit us. A very smooth and quite refreshing in our experience of building work.”

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